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“Rampage” Voices Support For “The Axe Murderer

wanderlei silva

Former enemies inside the Octagon, Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has nothing but respect for Wanderlei Silva outside of it.

Silva recently sent out a video message detailing his issues with the UFC and all the hoopla surrounding his decision to not take a drug test earlier this year. In the lengthy video, “The Axe Murderer” says he has no desire to compete anymore.

Jackson, who left the UFC and signed with Bellator, showed his support for Silva on Twitter with a picture message and the caption “Even tho we were enemies in the ring..I was your fan 1st. I’m with u, and I’m going threw the same pain.”

Jackson later added a second post, writing “We the fighters are Alpha of this planet. Even tho we fight each other, we are the same breed and we should stand together.”

Here’s the video message Silva posted last week concerning his decision to retire:

  • robthom says:

    “…and I’m going threw the same pain.””

    Despite honkey dude-bro’s insisting ever since pride how endlessly entertaining Rampages ghetto mumbling is, thats the first thing I’ve ever seen him do that actually made me giggle.
    I’m not sure why, maybe becasue he was trying to be so serious and dramatic when he did it.

    As far as Vanderlei,
    thats the murika justice system for you.

    Like the bully in school, you’ll be punished 100X more for perceived disrespect towards their authority and power then shamelessly admitting that you just like crime and licking the boot.
    Lick the boot and they might even offer you an honorary house wigger position as a “consultant” like Chael P Sonnen.