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Rampage Up Against the Jardine Curse, Will Fight for Belt If He Finds Antidote

Don’t you tell me the black guy outdrank the British guy. I won’t believe you.

In case you have the cognitive awareness of a failed American Idol contestant and couldn’t figure it out on your own, Rampage Jackson will once again be fighting for the belt if he gets past ‘The Dean of Mean.’

This fight is clearly tailor made for Jackson. Jardine is a quality fighter but he has shown time and time again that he drops like Steven Hawkings without a wheelchair if he gets hit with a hard shot. Yeah, anybody can get knocked down if they get smashed in the right place, but there’s no doubt that Keith has an especially shitty chin. And Quinton hits very hard. Rumor has it that when Wanderlei finally woke up the Tuesday after UFC 92 and finished his post-fight meal of panda liver and teriyaki-flavored baby seal eyes, he admitted that he had never been hit that hard during his entire career.

While Jardine has shown a tendency to get murdered by aggressive strikers, he has also consistently fucked up the UFC’s plans for him to lose. Back at UFC 66, Forrest Griffin was on his way to headlining a pay-per-view and fighting for the title until Jardine completely derailed him with a vicious TKO. Then, when Jardine was the proverbial lamb to the slaughter at UFC 76, he outpointed Chuck Liddell with an effective yet underwhelming gameplan crafted by evil genius Greg Jackson.

No matter how you slice it, this is Jackson’s fight to lose. I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that Lyoto Machida is coaching Jardine on the “counter-strike only after you have frustrated your opponent with your lack of offense to the point where he becomes sluggish and ineffective” style of fighting. After all, The Dragon has a vested interest in a Jardine victory. Just sayin’.