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Rampage to join … Wolfslair?

I guess with Dana watching over his shoulder making sure he eats / drinks / sleeps / breathes, it’s been hard for Rampage to do too many dumb things. But he’s finally slipped one past old baldy: he’s signed a three year management and training deal with the Wolfslair. In the UK.

“He came to us as we’ve all been friends for a long time. He feels that training in England can help him focus, which can be difficult in California because of his star status. He’s relatively unknown in England.”

The Wolfslair team will now be responsible for managing all aspects of Jackson’s career, from fight preparation through to sponsorship deals.

His day-to-day training will largely continue to take place at the Huntingdon Beach facility owned by Tiki Ghosn.

“He will be training when he can in England and the Wolfslair will be running his camps up in Big Bear when he is preparing for his fights,” said McGann.

“When a fight comes up, if he is fighting in England his full camp will be conducted here but if he is fighting in the States, especially Vegas, he likes to do his sparring at high-altitude, that is the way he has always done it. We’ll be doing the first half of his camp in England and then we will conduct the latter half in Big Bear.”

While certainly the best camp out of the UK, it’d be a stretch to say the Wolfslair can match up against a lot of the top camps Quinton could have worked with in the US. Then there’s the whole issue of it being in the UK. Sure, it’s good for a guy who wants to get away. But with a three year contract in mind, will Quinton even be allowed to enter the UK if he’s found guilty of those pesky felony charges?

Personally, I think it was a dumb move. But who knows? Perhaps he looks at the Wolfslair and he sees a place where he can recapture that crazy slampage Rampage and get away from all that boxing shit Ibarra was beating into his head. One thing for sure, though … between his head being screwed on straight and his new training regiment, there’s going to be a lot of doubts from a lot of people when Quinton steps into the cage again.