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Rampage KO’s a career



I just outed the spy on Sport Center,its come on top who he is but out of respect 2 I won’t tweet his name,he’s done fuck em!

Rampage took yer jerb! According to mmamania, the “spy” Jackson outed on ESPN was Leonard Armenta, an executive VP at MusclePharm who resigned on September 16th. Nobody knows why Armenta resigned, but apparently these accusations from Rampage had something to do with it. When did Rampage turn into a cutthroat corporate raider? Sheesh. Spymaster Jon Jones’ tweeted his condolences to Armenta, saying that it “sucks some guy at musclepharm got fired over rampage’s paranoia.”

That’s one way of putting it. Another way would be “sucks that some guy at musclepharm got fired over a dumbass fucking twitter feud between two grown men who ought to spend more goddamn time training and less goddamn time giving me anger-shits and mini-aneurysms with their junior-high horseshit.” That’s right, anger-shits. Fiery, fiery anger shits! Goddamn, I hate twitter.