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Rampage Jackson will be on WWE Raw

I dunno if it’s just me living under a rock or something but it doesn’t seems like there’s been a whole lot of A-Team cross-promotion going on leading up to Rampage’s fight this weekend. Sure, the movie comes up whenever someone asks about why Rampage / Rashad was delayed, but that’s about it. Still, that doesn’t mean there won’t be any promotion done for the movie at all: the A-Team members (minus Jessica Biel but including Rampage) will be appearing as ‘guest hosts’ on WWE Raw on June 7th. If you’re wondering what that entails, here’s what past guest hosts have done during shows according to the WWE’s website recaps:

Randy Orton attacked singer Meat Loaf
Randy Orton was trying to make a point. As he discussed his distrust of Edge inside of Pittsburgh’s Mellon Arena, however, singer Meat Loaf barged in like a bat out of … well, you know. The Grammy Award-winning artist explained that he was in town promoting his latest album “Hang Cool Teddy Bear” and is a huge fan of The Viper. Just when Mr. Loaf prepared to belt out one of his new tunes, though, Orton leveled him with an RKO.

Special guest host Jon Lovitz conducted “WWE Superstar Search”
The movie star and Saturday Night Live alum hosted a “WWE Superstar Search.” The search began when The Great Khali was joined by Ranjin Singh for a milk-curdling rendition of Taco’s classic hit, “Putting on the Ritz.” Next up, before Jillian Hall could even begin her cat-trapped-in-a-kettle singing, Lovitz cut her off. For the final act, a contestant stepped forward from the crowd with a bizarre talent that involved dislodging his eyeball.

So I can just imagine what zany adventures will find the A-Team in the WWE ring…

The cast of the new blockbuster A-Team movie come out and tell Vickie Guerrero that her husband is not dead but a member of the A-Team. They call down Eddie but in his place is Randy Orton, who mock’s Vickie’s pain, kicks her in the uterus, and crossface cripples her into unconsciousness. The A-Team and Orton share high fives all around, and then have an impromptu face sitting contest which is won by Liam Neeson. John Cena appears and accuses Rampage Jackson of aborting his baby that Vickie Guerrero was carrying. Orton reveals that it was he who terminated the pregnancy, and a match is set up for later that night with the loser having a Mr T mohawk shaved into their head by the A-Team.

I think I’ll pass.