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Rampage is going crazy again

Quinton Rampage Jackson’s latest post-loss decent into madness is into it’s second week. You may remember last week, Rampage gave the guys at Fighters Only Magazine a call to tell them about his new ‘Doggy Style’ rap, inspired by his ability to doggy style all dem ladies again now that he’s taking testosterone. Wait, what?

Soon after, he posted this series of messages on his twitter:

I will fight who ever they put n front of me,I always have,but it will b my last fight n the ufc,I have other things on my mind

I didn’t say I would b done fighting,I just said I’m not fighting 4 the UFC,(u fight cheap)I said I have other things on my mind (big head)

@VWAssassin: @Rampage4real your leaving the UFC?” Y should I stay? I don’t need them or anybody else negative dealing with my carrie

@DrjftGaming: @Rampage4real Will you still do MMA, or is this your last MMA fight period?” Guys learn how 2 read! MMA ok UFC no ok after

Followed by:

Sorry guys just been going threw a lot n I was trying 2 stay positive last night,n it worked,so I’m just gonna start over! U helped me!

I know 1 place I’m not going back 2! I’m going 2 b with my wife n kids n sin no more! Just ask 4 forgiveness! #new I’d win this 1!

I need help with positive energy once again,u can tell things aint right,u helped me last night! I love u all,wish I could say what’s up

No clear word on whether he’s still seriously thinking about leaving the UFC, but what’s the point in asking someone who’s obviously halfway back towards thinking he’s God what the future holds.

We’re all about the funnies at Fightlinker (when I can muster up a half-erect comedy boner, that is) but it feels a bit wrong making fun of Rampage when he sinks into these post-fight depressions. It’s all fun and games when it’s just twitter flailing and bizarre forays into a Japanese booty rap career. But sooner or later he’s liable to completely snap again, and who knows what might happen then? I know he hates psychiatrists because they all have stanky ass breath, but maybe he should take some time out and talk to one.