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Rampage draws Teixeira, but what about Shogun???

Recently the UFC had a problem: they couldn’t find anyone to fight the recently added UFC killer Glover Teixeira. He’s such a tough opponent with so little name recognition that Shogun Rua’s management allegedly said they’d rather risk getting cut than fight him. That has left the UFC in a little bit of a bind. Who will they get to fight Glover?

Fortunately, the promotion also had another problem: Rampage Jackson. Or to be more specific, Rampage Jackson saying he’s sick of the UFC and that he wants to be released. A few months ago the UFC said ‘Fine, sure, you can go after one more fight.’ They set up a rematch with Shogun, who’d whupped Quinton’s ass back in ’05. Unfortunately, the day after that was announced, Rampage went and got double knee surgery.

So now the UFC plans to kill two birds with one stone: they’re going to book Glover Teixeira up against Rampage Jackson at UFC 153 in October. Not only does this give Glover a nice juicy name to springboard his career up off of, it teaches Rampage a lesson in pissing off his bosses.

The UFC has a bit of a history of burying its departing stars with difficult fights. Andrei Arlovski was matched up against human blanket Jake O’Brien on the prelims of UFC 82 and Roger Huerta was fed to Gray Maynard on his way out of the promotion. Arlovski won, but no one saw it. Huerta did not, but even that didn’t stop the UFC from removing the fight from all future replays of that event.

So I’m sure there’s a lot of high fives and giggling going on down at UFC headquarters as they’ve paired Quinton Jackson up agaisnt a guy who won’t hesitate to wrestle him to the ground and pound his face into the mat. But I can’t help but feel like us fans are missing out. What happened to the Shogun rematch? That’s a fight worth making, and this is pretty much gonna be the last opportunity for it to be made.

I’m sure Glover will put on a great performance and all that, but Rampage / Shogun 2 would have been an epic fight, both hype-wise and performance wise. Instead, we lose out and it feels like it’s over bullsh*t fight politics.

  • Garp says:

    Bullshit. The future of Teixera is more interesting than another rehash of a fight that wasn’t all that electric the first time, when both fighters were in their prime. Now, guys like Shogun and Rampage should be fed to young guns so the UFC can begin building new stars…. like Glover Teixera.

    Let’s hope Teixera slams Rampage into Legacy FC and Vera actually sho… well, lets hope Teixera wins anyway.

  • voice of reason says:

    ^ page wasn’t in his prime back then. his prime was chuck2. so page shogun2 would be good. they can always feed the loser to teixeira later.

    shogun vera is a good match on paper…but it’s 5 years too late. we all know vera don’t have it anymore

  • glassjawsh says:

    Tito got fed to machida the first time he quit the UFC 

  • glassjawsh says:

    and Id still like to see rampage vs fedor in one FC 

  • IMAGE says:

    Who is this Rampage & Shogun you guys speak of?

  • Letibleu says:

    Page vs Shogun would have been cool is page still gave a shit.

    I like this. Also, he wont get taken down so easy.

  • TheFlopPhilosopher says:


    Why give rampage a chance to avenge a loss with a lucky punch.

    Fuck him.

    I like this fight much better. Glover isn’t constantly injured and its a no win situation for rampage.

    Plus Glover is probably gonna beat the shit out of him because this is finally his chance to make his name on the big stage after all these years.

    You can still wack off to your old pride dvd in Ryan.