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Rampage and Rashad engage in a Lincoln/Douglas style debate

Jeremy Botter at scoops the shit out of me – I’m literally ashamed of missing this conference call (curses both to the conference center that runs these damn things that laid me off in 2008 and having to crawl on my knees for financial aid money). I’d advise you to listen to the whole damn thing, but if you’re too lazy to even click on the amazing link above, consider these gems:

1:16: Rashad takes issue with Rampage’s comments about him. He beat Forrest when Rampage couldn’t beat him. And then they start shouting at each other. Rashad says Rampage perpetuates the idea that he’s stupid when he’s anything but stupid. “Stop pretending like you’re stupid just because you’re black, you’re not stupid.” This conference call is already epic.

1:30: And now Rashad says something about balls in the mouth and this conference call goes downhill quickly.

1:35: Rashad says he wants to go out and start throwing punches and see where they land. Rampage just starts laughing.

But seriously, listen to the whole thing. My favorite?
Rashad: I got tired during that fight [referring to the Thiago Silva fight]
Rampage: I get tired during all your fights.

Update: Since this isn’t getting taken down anytime soon, I might as well update it with my actual work. I read the whole damn transcript of the call (yeah, I used to work there – I’ve said “that’s star 1” more times than I care to recall) and this is really the most inflammatory kind of smack talk by Rashad:

John Oregan: And we’re back. A question for Rashad, just a moment ago, several times in the call, in fact, you’ve said to Rampage that he acts stupid because he’s black or you think he acts stupid because he’s black. The first time you said that I thought that reminded me of in the boxing when Mohammed Ali was basically accusing Joe Frazier of being like an Uncle Tom. That’s quite a serious…
Rashad Evans: Well, he does his little Sambo thing, man. He does his little Sambo thing like he act like oh black-on-black crime, oh I’m stupid you can’t use big words like that like he don’t know what the fuck is going on, many, come on dude. I talked to this dude. This dude is pretty smart you know what I’m saying.
He knows what’s going on. But he just doing oh it’s comedy well why perpetuate the stereotype that you’re stupid. You ain’t stupid you know what I’m saying. Why perpetuate the stereotype that you can’t think you know what I’m saying? You can’t – you don’t understand big words, you can’t read. All of that stupid stuff, man.

King Mo has made largely the same accusation, comparing Rampage’s persona to a minstrel act. I am far too pale to render judgment, but I do not think Rampage is stupid. Petulant, short sighted, emotional, occasionally delusional – sure. But stupid people don’t build big, elaborate Rube Goldberg piles of shit to prop themselves up.