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Rampage ain’t afraid of Wanderlei or the law

Quinton Jackson dropped by Sherdog Radio yesterday to give listeners his standard blend of wacky entertainment and jive talkin’. My favorite quote from the follow-up article:

“Wanderlei has a problem,” said Jackson. “Back in the day he wanted everyone to be afraid of him. You guys don’t know the behind the scenes. Fighters were afraid of Wanderlei in Japan and Pride. They were scared to be in an elevator with him. They were scared to eat next to him in the hotel or the restaurant or something like that. I was one of the few guys that wasn’t afraid of him and that’s why he didn’t like me. I’m from the streets. I ain’t afraid of no man unless he has a gun in his hand.”

Also included: the fact that Jackson has a preliminary hearing today to determine if his case is going to go to trial or not. I’m amazed this is even a question at this point … I’ve got a very hazy view of the law, but I always figured hit and run followed by evading the police meant you were guaraneed to get some sort of book thrown at you, be it big or small. Then again, this is starfucking California, where celebrities go berzerk on a bi-weekly basis and receive a slap on the wrist at worst.

So I guess this is a big test: has MMA ‘made it’ to the point where Jackson gets the same preferential treatment as Lindsay Lohan?