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Rambaa Somdet’s got some moves

There’s a few MMA blogs dedicated to providing news on what’s going on in Japan in english … one of the longer running ones is Gryphon’s. Here’s what Gryphon has to say about a flyweight fighter by the name of Rambaa ‘M16’ Somdet:

He was Muai Thai champion, become MMA fighter now, Thailand fighter

You maybe look at this fight in youtube etc,

He is too dangerous in japan,I am afraid of big accident,Some day he will kill fighter in the ring.

If WEC hope him,he will fight in WEC high level fighting promotion,opponent is tough too,maybe it can abandon big accident.

I’m on the lookout now for any vids of Rambaa fighting in MMA, but the above video goes to show you what an interesting character he is. If he’s as brutal in MMA as Gryphon thinks he is, we could be seeing a lot more of him in the future.