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RACJ needs to get it’s story straight

Here’s the RACJ talking to Sherdog:

“In Quebec there are three types of professional combat that are approved by our rules,” Thériault said. “There’s boxing, there’s kickboxing and there’s mixed martial arts. There’s nothing else. This promoter wanted a new style of combat called Strikeboxing. We said we couldn’t because of our rules and we wouldn’t allow it. If he wants to put on a show that’s fine, but it will be under mixed martial arts rules.”

And here’s what they told Corus Sport:

C’est que la Régie ne permet que 3 types de combat sur le territoire de la province de Québec : la boxe, la boxe mixte et le kickboxing. Du coup, elle interdit les coups de genou et de coude à la tête, partie intégrante des combats en arts martiaux mixtes de la UFC.

If you don’t read French, let me explain: in the first article Rejean claims that you can’t have “mixed boxing” fights (like Strikebox) because only MMA is allowed in Quebec. In the next article, he claims that you can’t have MMA fights because only mixed boxing is allowed. Uh-huh.

It’d be nice to think this is a translation issue, but the original french version is the one where Thériault claims that MMA rules don’t exist in Quebec. So guess what: a sport that has been going on in Montreal since 2000 has never been properly sanctioned. This is fucking retarded.