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Rachelle Leah is hot

I figure over the past few weeks I’ve exposed you to way too much man-flesh and not nearly enough ripe jubbly women bits. The jury is still out on if Edith Larente’s got a rogue pair of testes up somewhere in her junk, so ‘she’ doesn’t really count either.

Fortunately for you, the guys at Complex were so traumatized by my photoshoot that they decided the only way to cleanse their palates was to call up UFC All Access host Rachelle Leah and do their own photoshoot. The pictures are aight but the video is really where it’s at. Super secret voyeuristic butt watching footage. Thumbs and other parts up!

Oh, and apparently there’s an ‘interview’ somewhere there as well. Because we all want to know what Rachelle thinks about stuff. Yes.