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Quote of the Millenium

“I would never train with an American to fight a Brazilian. I am not a slut, or a prostitute.”

Paulo Filho on if he was going to help Chuck Liddell train against Wanderlei Silva.

  • marshal says:

    Racist prostitute.

  • Wow!!!!

    Say goodbye to endorsements and any new fans in the WEC or UFC…

  • That man was just asking for help…

  • Tommy says:

    Yeah I really don’t get it. He says he hates Chute Boxe and everything about them. Yet he won’t train with an American to help beat one of their old stars? Sounds to me like he hates Americans more then Chute Boxe, which he swears he hates with all his soul? W. Silva is training with Randy, what’s the difference? Surely Silva will eventually use this new knowledge against a fellow Brazilian.

  • Wu Tang says:

    Even though he hates Chute Boxe, he is true to his blood! WOW, talk about loyalty!!! A true gangsta to boot!! ‘Even though i have you fuckers, we are the same blood/ nationality. I would lift my hand so that others will hurt you!’ That my friend is what i call thick blood!!!! Rare to see in todays’ PC world!

  • Wu Tang says:

    ‘Even though i haTe you fuckers, we are the same blood/ nationality. I wouldN’T lift my hand so that others will hurt you!’

    Fuck, i should really edit my shit sometimes…

  • Darkie says:

    Too bad he does not have a Nazi tattoo, then everyone could rally behind getting him fired from his organization.

  • Rocking the flanel with the sleeves torn off, Paulo will have a new southern fanbase in no time!

  • Xavier says:

    Paulo Filho is dumb.

    Wu Tang is dumb.

    They should fight.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    who cares about filho. the douche is in WEC. buncha pussies

  • MacDaddy says:

    Obviously, he’s more afraid of Wanderlei than he is of Chuck.

  • Matt (tapout name shitstain) says:

    He’s the Laruen Hill of MMA. Good for you you sleavless wonder.

  • Wu Tang says:

    Oww Xavier, you HAVE to attack guys on the net? Some of your posts attacking me is just… retarded. I am dumb i will take that, we ALL are dumb, if you dont realize how dumb you are, then you just egotistic. Just shows you how strong you are on the net ‘OMG FUCK THIS NOOB WHO TYPES, WHAT A DUMB FUCK, GO BACK TO WHERE EVER YOU CAME FROM’ type of mentality. I dont go to sherdog (never have and never will), but i assume you post on sherdog too, since you would ‘diss’ other posters to a blogger.

    So why is undefeated Paulo dumb? Have you been in a community that cherishes nationality/blood? If you train BJJ, you would know how those crafty brazilians are really absorbed in their culture/nationality. Even through hatred, they will stick to their own kind.

  • Tribull says:

    My translation
    “I am not a cheap Slut or a Prostitute you must at least buy me dinner and listen to how much I hate Chute Boxe first”

  • marshal says:

    Don’t do the sherdog while explaining you don’t do the sherdog Wu Tang.

  • Why don’t we all just concentrate on how much we love Paulo Filho?

  • marshal says:

    I think Filho is watching 2 girls 1 cup in that picture.

  • intenso says:

    nationalism is not the same as racism.

    And he probably thinks Chuck’s gonna get his ass kicked and doesn’t want the stench of that on his career.

  • Zero2Hero says:

    Paulo is the man. To hell with all the american sissy fighters.

  • Zero2Hero says:

    Anyway, Paolo reminds me of a cross between a gremlin and a bat. I can just see him chillin upside down in my garage.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    brazilians suck. they didnt invent jui jitsu. they talked shit all over eddie bravo and then were practicing his shit behinds closed doors. theyre a bunch of dirty chimps. who wants a brazilian wax job? filho should be wearing a banana hammock to the cage. little midget

  • Wu Tang says:

    That quote can be taken many ways. I would never train with an AMERICAN to fight a Brazilian (Racism) or I would never train with an American to fight a BRAZILIAN (Nationalism). Then his comment about slut/ whores must mean that chuck was goin to pay him money to help train him. Its either that or Paulo does not like to take it up the ass. He is prob the type that you must use date rape drug for him to drop the soap. I doubt he will put out for just a dinner and a movie. Come on chuck use your skills to get him, we all know you are a player, but i guess brazilians are different type of catches :p

  • steve24 says:

    Where’s the rest of the article? I need to read it in English.

  • lol, I didn’t know American and Brazilian were races, either. Thats another great quote.

    the lumberjack makes some sense. its not like Liddell didn’t just want to use him for the Wanderlei fight, that gym invitiation had a expiration date of 12/29 and no longer.

  • steve24 says:

    Let’s all give a huge “fuck u” to Filho. Thanks for the link FL.

  • Mike_N says:

    I guess Paulo should steer clear of Ze Mario Sperry, who helped Randy train for the Gonzaga fight.

  • Thomas says:

    Filho Dumb. Imagine if he would train with Chuck for .. lets say a week. Then Chucks knocks out everyone goes on a tear gets his belt back wouldn’t that make Paulo Filho more popular. Give himself better paydays.

  • Accomando says:

    “…We are we against the foreigners. I was for there now and I saw which athlete in America has everything he needs, they are treated well and here in Brazil it is the opposite. So then I am going to train with the foreigners? I am a Brazilian until I die…”

    The translation came from some lame ass google translator I think. The statment I just pasted was right after the “slut/prostitute” comment.

    From this jumbled comment, I would say Paulo was just trying to get the point across that American Athletes have “everything” they could possibly need and brazilians still train with cockroaches and insects, so, why give the “americans” more help, expecially when brazilians are against the foreingers?

    That’s how he justifies his thoughts of brazilian supremacy in his primitive and uneducated brazilian brain.

  • Ason says:

    oh, white people

    I love your slutty women.

    I could never hate you like Paulo does.

  • frickshun says:

    Okay, I can clear a lot of this up. I just spoke to Paulo. He said he’s offended by Chuck’s neanderthal gut. It looks like he’s devolved from homosapiens. Also, a true pimp has a mohawk shaved down south, not on his head. The last thing he said was that “for the right amount of money, MY SISTER would be a prostitute / slut for Chuck but NOT ME!!”. I think you all took it out of context.

    Paulo, if you are reading this, I have been kidnapped by the same people that took Belforts sister & they forced me to write this.

  • Foreskin Face Pete says:

    He looks like a fat, tan Brazilian Jens Pulver in that flick. Or maybe that’s the two 40oz Hurricanes I just pounded making him look that way.
    Fucking Thiago Pulver…

  • Larsenator says:

    Don’t believe everything you read! 😉

  • dignan says:

    The guy doesn’t live in a favella in the middle of Rio…and Brazil isn’t full of cockroaches because it isn’t the U.S.A. Fucking ignorant.

    He doesn’t want to help Liddell because he wants Brazilian ju-jitsu to remain pure, and not help some wanna-be Mr. T have an advantage over his countryman.

    I like the tension it may bring to the sport…and after watching those fucking morons in New Jersey chant U.S.A. I hope Liddell never wins again…or any American.

    Who did they think they were chanting for/against? Srt. Slaughter vs. The Iron Shiek? Nikolai Volkoff?

  • Lifer says:

    i like highly relevant WWF reference at the end here ^

  • Accomando says:

    Denna träningspartner tänkte Chuckie att Paulo Filho skulle kunna vara. Idag kommer svaret…fightlinker har översatt Filhos ord från tatame som […]

    My attempt at google translator….

    Da training partner tanked Chuckie at Paulo Filho skull go there. Egads, homo suit…fightlinker has overseen Filho’s old french testicles, so.[…]

  • Accomando says:

    dignan, you are such a fucking loser.

    “…and after watching those fucking morons in New Jersey chant U.S.A. I hope Liddell never wins again…”

    Quite a psychotic jump in reasoning there, freak.

  • dignan says:


    I was making the link between how nationalistic/patriotic the U.S. is allowed to be…and continues to be. Sorry I had to explain it to you.

    Also…It’s Cigarette not CIGGARETTE you banana hammock. haha

  • Cigarette says:

    dignan’s right. It is cigarette, and you are a banana hammock.

  • Accomando says:

    “…I was making the link between how nationalistic/patriotic the U.S. is allowed to be…and continues to be. Sorry I had to explain it to you…”

    I’m sorry you exist.

    The “link” sucks, like your whore mother. 😉

    Only a retard would make a “link” between a specific fighters overt nationalism and the rantings of a drunk crowd of people at a PPV.

    Name 1 American MMA fighter who has come out and said something to the equivalent of…..”I won’t train with a brazilian to beat an america, I ain’t no ho”

    You can’t name one, no fighter of significance has ever said anything close to that and if they did, you would be there to call em’ out, wouldn’t ya dignan?

    Fucking apologist homo. I know your type, predictable, pathetic, lame, and ball-less.

  • dignan says:


  • RoB says:

    dude the “cigarette” thing is dead. you killed it.

  • jaydog says:

    The ignorance in many of the previous 41 comments makes Filho’s quote (or the perception it conveys) seem pretty tame. Lighten up, yall. Sensational statements raise a fighter’s profile and sells tix. Are you fight fans or soap opera addicts? Let the guy have his loyalties. They’ll come and go as (or if) his star ascends.

  • dana white says:

    he may not be a whore or prostitute but he is a porn star. down in brazil, rumors of him in a sex tape have been going around for a couple of months. here, copy and past this for the evidence.

    it’s not that fack that he may have been in a sex tape thats the scandal, its the “girl” he’s with.

  • Accomando says:

    “…dude the “cigarette” thing is dead. you killed it…”

    It was never alive, don’t give him that much credit. Even linker trashed him for his lameness at the time….

    There’s such thing as a spell checker … but is there such thing as an anus checker?…”

  • Hey, i’m not picking sides … if you ask me, everyone was having more fun when you guys weren’t fighting across the comments section

  • Accomando says:

    “…Hey, i’m not picking sides…”

    Never said you were, but you did trash him for his lameness, which is fine.

    I thought this was all in good fun anyway, maybe I’ll tone it down.

  • Mr.ThePlague says:

    Paulo rules. Wanderlei needs any advantage he can get in the octagon.

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    nah, i like the cigarette post (post 42)

    and for the anus checker, thats FL’s thumb. some of us are still walking around awkwardly

  • Swedish guy says:

    Accomando (no. 37): which language were you attempting to translate from again? 😉

    Because that blogspamshit stems out of a lame swedish mma blog which no one should read. And I don’t think google handles swedish translations all that well.

    Here’s what is says anyway (I’ve rearranged the sentence so it makes a tad more sense, but this small sample should provide you with enough evidence as to why sucks):

    “And Chuckie thought Paulo Filho would be this training partner. Today the answer comes… fightlinker has translated Filho’s words from tatame that […]”

  • Colin says:

    Has it occured to anybody that the translation is bad. I mean, you should read the rest of the interview. It’s practically impossible to understand what he’s saying.

  • CFan says:

    According to other media sources, he actually said: ““Never would I help train an American to fight against a Brazilian. I’m not a b*tch prostitute.”

    Wu Tang is right about the culture differences – the loyalty to his country is what prompted him to say what he did. While I don’t agree with his statement, he has a right to say it, and surely US citizens can understand where he’s coming from in all their patriotic glory.

  • Thomas says:

    a story manufactured by Zuffa to make Chuck look less like the finished fighter he is when Wanderlei ruins his day on Dec. 29th 2007. Heres what Chuck nut huggers will say when he losses.

    Chuck loss because those brazilians are a bunch of fucking racists, if he would have trained with Filho he would have smashed Wanderlei. Its not fair Wandy gets to train with Couture whos an American how come Chuck can’t train with a Brazilian.

  • Wu Tang says:

    So is it racism that Chuck cant train with a brazilain, while Axe guy trains with Randy?.. What kind of logic is that? So what if Paulo doesnt want to train with Chuck, how is htat racist? He states taht he does not want to train with an american that will fight his fellow countryman. if you change the names to someoen else, and change the nationality to soem other country, would you fight ‘FOUL’ over that? Paulo is just ONE of millions of brazilians. Paulo states he is a BJJ guy, so why cant chuck pick up a yellow page book, find a school who has a black belt in BJJ and train with that brazilian? I dont see the racism here, most of you guys do, all i see is that Paulo does not want to help those to fight his fellow countryman. This is not like denieing a jihad fucker to train at a US military camp, to build up the skill set in order to kill americans, no this is MMA. Anderson Silva states he is good friends with chuck, and if you done your research, Spider FUCKS UP AXE GUY intheir training at Chute Boxe. So i dont know if CHuck is training with Spider, WHO WOULD BE THE BEST CHOICE RATHER THAN PAULO!! Fuck, if he cant get a brazilian to train, go to a brazilian resturant and pick up the bus boy, bring him to your gym, beat his ass and just imagine that brazilian is a BJJ balck belt who looks like Axe Silva! I guess most of you guys has never faced racism or faschistism (i know icant spell fuck off) before. So who cares if Chuck trains iwth this camp or that camp, who cares if silva trains with this camp or that camp. Its art of war, utilize what you can, find out the best you can about your opponent (paulo does not know shit about silva, he never trained with chute, while spider does) and bam, you got a leg up.

  • Thomas says:

    Your a little county, I’m a little rock n roll

  • nanunanu says:

    go to for the full translated interview.

  • CFan says:

    Thanks – With the “s”:

  • MacDaddy says:

    WuTang “So is it racism that Chuck cant train with a brazilain, while Axe guy trains with Randy?.. ”

    No it just means that Randy is a slut, or a prostitute… Surprise, surprise…

  • Nachtfalter says:

    “No it just means that Randy is a slut, or a prostitute…”
    Nice one 😉

    By the way, everybody who writes about RACISM in this context is a fucking idiot and should shut the hell up. You MIGHT talk about NATIONALISM which obviously can be a bad thing. But personally, I would call it PATRIOTISM which is somewhat irrational but not necessarily a bad thing.

    Paulo didn’t say that he hates America or Americans or anything of the sort, he just said he didn’t wanna provide someone with an additional advantage over one of his countrymen. What if Rich Franklin said he didn’t wanna help train Fighter X for his bout with Fighter Y because Y happens to be from Cincinnati and Rich is rooting for the kid from his hood? Would that be racist? Or evil?

    Everybody just needs to take a chill pill… and yes, I am aware of how incredibly dorky that just sounded 😉

  • marshal says:

    Racist prostitute!