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Quinton Jackson sued over rampage miscarriage

I really really really didn’t want to go onto today (or ever) because I couldn’t give less of a shit about the death of a certain pop celebrity that everyone mocked and hated until yesterday. But one the same day one guy with the last name Jackson happened to die, another Jackson was being sued: Quinton Jackson.

The pregnant woman caught in the wake of “Rampage” Jackson’s crazy monster truck chase last year claims the UFC star caused “the stillbirth of her baby” when he rammed into her car.

Holli Griggs filed a lawsuit against Rampage in Orange County, California — claiming he repeatedly rammed into her car “so he could escape and flee the scene (hit and run).” Griggs says “the impact of her abdomen with the steering wheel caused her amniotic fluid membranes (bag of waters) to rupture, ultimately resulting in the stillbirth of her baby.”

It’s worth noting that an investigation concluded that the ‘bump’ from Quinton’s truck didn’t cause the miscarriage, but then again an investigation also concluded that Standgate never happened. Griggs is asking for $25,000. Perhaps Quinton will throw her one of his bling watches and ask her for change.