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Quinton Jackson: still actin’ da foo’

Oh, how I miss the days when rainbows of fun and laughter appeared every time Quinton Jackson opened his mouth. He’s been a cranky fuck since he ‘left the UFC’, got even crankier as TUF 10 made him look like a mega bitch, and if you thought he was gonna be cool again now that he’s ‘back’, I have bad news for you. He’s still in full on nonsensical douchebag mode. From an interview with MMA Bay:

“Despite the way I feel about the UFC and Dana White and some of the fans who don’t know what the hell’s going on, I am happy to be back and be ready to whoop some ass and stuff like that. Don’t take me the wrong, but I don’t think people understand I’m a human being and I have feelings. Say you do everything you can for somebody or say you spoil a kid, you have kids that are spoilt and kids that are spoilt rotten. You do everything for them and they just walk all over you, they don’t do nothing back for you cos you’ve spoilt them rotten so you get kinda sour. That’s kinda where I’m at right now, I’m kinda sour.”

Oh yeah, the UFC never did nothing for Quinton Jackson ever.

In another MMA Bay snippit, Jackson pulls a Tito and says he’ll box Dana White for free. Which everyone unfortunate to have lived through that lame Tito / Dana story will remember is exactly what Tito said at first until Dana White called him on his bluff. Will Dana do the same thing again? I dunno, maybe we’ll find out after he base jumps off the Mandalay Bay.

Last but not least, one final MMA Bay interview (they split it into chunks for more traffic) has him calling out Rashad Evans – obvious enough – and TUF 10 contestant Darrill ‘Titties’ Schoonover. I guess Rampage didn’t hear that Titties was headed over to Afghanistan to protect America from terrorism and stuff. But I think Rampage is the real hero in this equation for calling out a much lower level fighter who never did anything other than stand up to Jackson’s never-ending bullying. It seems pretty unfair that Darill is the one who’ll probably get a medal and not Quinton.