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Quinton Jackson speaks

Yesterday’s Dana White video blog included Quinton Jackson, and now it looks like the press has gotten their hands on him. Kevin Iole has a detailed article talking about the whole situation and how energy drinks + split with trainer – food – sleep = Rampage rampaging. The split with Juanito Ibarra was played up, with Quinton referencing his former trainer as a father figure and saying “we’d know soon” what happened there.

The other interesting quote was from Dana White playing down the whole dead fetus thing:

While Jackson did not address the loss of Griggs’ unborn child, White tried to rationalize that the accident had little to do with the miscarriage.

“That one is out there like, ‘He hit her and she lost her baby,’ ” White said. “It was a week later. He knocked her mirror off her car. Rampage said, and he’ll tell you when you talk to him, ‘I care about everybody. I care about all life. I would never hurt anybody.’

“That’s the way he is,” White said. “Now he’s in a situation where somebody’s trying to civil sue him and make some money. Absolutely not. Absolutely not, this is not a criminal thing. No way. I’m no lawyer and I’m no judge, (but) this stuff will be worked out in the court.”

Did he really just knock the mirror off her car or is this Dana-speak in the same vein as “Fedor isn’t very good”?