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Quinton Jackson: Sore loser

Up until this point it was Rampage’s former coach Juanito Ibarra who was in charge of being the sore loser. Now with him gone, it seems like Quinton Jackson is taking care of that role himself:

Regarding that fight, he says: “I just want my fans to know, I was at my worst and Forrest was at his best – and I still beat him.

He added: “A man is not a man if he can’t ‘fess up to when he gets his ass kicked. See me, if I get my ass kicked I am like ‘yeah, I got my ass kicked’.

However, Jackson says that when he said those exact words at the end of the fight in July, “I was being sarcastic, because I really could not believe that it went the way it did”.

“I’m not a sore loser, shit happens. But I was hoping that Forrest would be a man and come out and say ‘You know what, I didn’t win that fight’, especially after he watched it.

“I wasn’t really sure, right at the end of the fight… I know he hurt me and punched me in the face a couple of times but I was bobbing and weaving and making him miss, stuff like that.

“I was hoping that he would come out later after he saw the fight and say ‘yeah, I saw the fight and I lost that fight.”

Jackson says that he has “lost a lot of respect” for Griffin in the wake of the fight, largely because the new champion has not been talking of a rematch despite winning the belt in controversial fashion.

Now in some very specific situations, I would agree that an immediate rematch was in order for Rampage and Forrest. In fact, I’m pretty sure I remember everyone (including Dana) talking about the possibility of that … right up until RAMPAGE WENT INSANE AND ENDED UP IN JAIL. I think the moment that happened, everyone stopped calling out Jackson … no one wants to be the guy setting his sights on the nutjob.