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Quinton Jackson pleads Not Guilty

Quinton Jackson was in court yesterday pleading “Not Guilty” to the plethora of charges against him stemming from that whole monster truck joy ride last month. This just goes to prove that the term “Not Guilty” no longer means jack shit. Everyone and their dog knows that Quinton is guilty of driving like a maniac and almost running down a bunch of people. But Jackson’s lawyer is hoping that mitigating circumstances will clear her client:

Lawyer Carol Lavacot said the 30-year-old fighter was betrayed by a close friend and hadn’t slept for three days before the July 15 incident. Lavacot would only say that the betrayal was about finances.

During the episode, Lavacot said, Jackson believed if he fell asleep he would die and kept himself awake with energy drinks. She said he also believed that he had to get to another friend’s house to save him from dying and was on his way there when he hit several cars and police began chasing him.

“He takes complete full responsibility for what happened, but he was delusional during that ride down to his friend’s house and really believed that it was a matter of life or death.”

For completely selfish reasons, I don’t really wanna see Rampage locked up. But I’m not sure if I’m okay with the idea of his self-inflicted idiocy somehow earning him a get out of jail free card. Back on the other side of the argument, I’m not big on putting people in jail who aren’t threats to society. But the dude could have killed somebody! Damnit, I’m so torn. If only Rampage wasn’t such an entertaining and loveable guy. This would be much more cut and dry if it was someone we all hated like Jon Koppenhaver on trial.