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Quinton Jackson: Not crazy

It’s day three of the Dana White VLog and today he and Quinton Jackson get together (3 min mark) to show everyone how not crazy Quinton is. Rampage specifically says “Delirium is NOT crazy.” So there you go people: that whole driving spree and mental lockdown thing doesn’t mean he IS crazy, he was just delirious. I dunno, when I think Delirious I think of Eddie Murphy in a red leather suit, not Quinton Jackson evading the police in a monster truck and spending the weekend under psych watch.

It’s not that I’m not happy to hear that Quinton is back and better, but I’m just worried that they’re passing this whole thing off as no big deal. It’d be nice to think that Quinton has learned his lesson about fasting and shit. But let’s not forget: the other time he fasted he ended up getting his ass whupped by Wanderlei Silva. And that didn’t stop him from doing it again.