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Quinton Jackson considers a November return

Josh Gross digs up the details on WTF has been up with Rampage since he went crazy a week and a half ago. The whole article is worth reading, but here’s the Coles Notes for you:

  • After losing to Griffin, Jackson fired Juanito Ibarra
  • Both White and Ibarra showed up to bail Jackson out
  • The religious insanity angle was confirmed, with Jackson talking of “people aligned with the devil” and friends saying he seemed ‘possessed’ and that he was hearing voices.
  • Friends telling him he needed help lead to the altercation that resulted in the police forcing Rampage under psychiatric hold.
  • After his release, he’s much better but still throwing around some weird shit
  • Rampage WASN’T at the Affliction show as some reported
  • Rampage is aware that he had a mental breakdown
  • The UFC is considering a November return against Wanderlei Silva

Yes, read that last point again: THE UFC IS CONSIDERING A NOVEMBER RETURN AGAINST WANDERLEI SILVA. Now I’m not a psychiatrist by any stretch of the imagination, so perhaps there’s some logic to the idea that Rampage needs a purpose, structure and normality – something he gets from preparing to fight. But I don’t think anyone can disagree that it was his loss to Forrest Griffin that broke his brain in the first place, and returning to the cage without your head screwed on straight is a great way to receive ANOTHER brutal beatdown at the hands of Wanderlei Silva.

And then who knows what the fuck Rampage will do after that.