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Quinton Jackson acts da foo’

I’d love to take the high road like Sam Caplan does and say I don’t find this funny, but it is kinda funny. While on the surface it seems like Quinton Jackson is making fun of retards, I read it like Quinton Jackson is making fun of Jeff Sherwood. Yes, the other guy in this video is Jeff ‘Sherdog’ Sherwood in all his glory. And god damnit people, why can’t we all just relax and enjoy a tasteless joke at the expense of the gays and defectives from time to time?

(oh and if you’re looking for that video of Quinton farting on a chick’s face and mocking the Japanese, it’s here)

  • Adam says:

    Sam actually didn’t post this. Matt Cava did.

  • MJC_123 says:

    See thats why fightlinker rules….You’re happy to be the trailer trash news of MMA…Thats why your loved man give us more fighters being rude.
    You got that video of Randy socking it to that blind kid with aids?

    Oh and did anyone else notice 5ounces of pain took the post of their RSS feed?
    Ashamed were we Sam?

  • MJC_123 says:

    I meant off their RSS feed not of…should have written away then no confusion :(

  • Ted Dibiase says:

    this vid wasnt funny, it was annoying.
    the japanese one was pretty good tho, i woulda spanked her too-

  • Thomas says:

    Why would Rampage make of Matt Hamill like that.

  • Tommy says:

    I don’t see what people found so offensive about it. Rampage has always acted half retarded, who cares if he took all the way that time?

  • dignan says:

    That guys a fat ugly fuck. Trim that beard douchebag.

    Who cares about Rampage. The guy next too him is waaay more foolish.

  • Sam Caplan says:

    A few corrections:
    1) Matt Cava was the poster of the video on 5 Oz., not me.
    2) We did not take the post off the RSS feed. I know there were some issues with YouTube today so perhaps that affected it. But no one at 5 Oz. messed with the feed.

  • Matt C. says:

    When posting, I secretly hoped you would comment about this.
    Yes it is funny as hell. I admit I am now a sellout that I am a part of 5 Oz of Pain. I had to compromise my asshole-ish tendencies and replace them with pseudo journalistic integrity as to make sure I represent Sam as best as possible. As I type this I’m waering one of those old school reporter hats from the 1940’s. You can call me Scoop.

  • Until you get a flash bulb camera, you won’t be like Sam 😉