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Quick thoughts from UFC 110

UFC 110 is in the books and it was my favorite UFC in a long, long time. Even the whole caning thing isn’t enough to bum me out after that. Here’s some random thoughts on the show:

-Mirko Crocop fought Perosh like a guy chewing his food really slowly before swallowing so he could maximize the taste. I know the victory doesn’t mean much because his opponent was pretty damn mediocre, but Crocop shows he can still crush a can like no other. I want a Kongo or Gonzaga rematch, or even just a quick rescheduling of the Rothwell fight!

-Freaking Jardine. What’s the point of watchin a guy who’s only decent offensive skill is leg kicks? I won’t cry if the UFC dumps him, although I figure they’ll probably keep him around as a prelim gatekeeper.

-Joe Stevenson vs George Sotiropoulos is what awesome ground fighting is all about – give me that over UFC kickboxing every day of the week and twice on Sundays. I’ve been a fan of Sotiropoulos since that bicep slicer to armbar on Jason Dent, but now I’m officially on his nuts. The whole event was great, but you can tell that was an Aussie orgasm right there.

-Mamoru in the chat said it best: Hopefully Chris Lytle will realize that winning Sub of the Night is better than getting beaten to a pulp and barely losing for Fight of the Night. And I really liked what I saw from Brian Foster. Definitely looking forward to seeing him again. Too bad it probably won’t be for a while after that kneebar.

-Wanderlei was 10 seconds away from losing that fight due to lack of aggression. Thank Jesus he turned it on right at the end. And have you ever seen a more petulant child than Michael Bisping when he loses? At least he pulled his shit together and managed to have a relatively classy interview with Rogan.

-Nogueira is the ‘former UFC interim champ’? Kinda sad that an imaginary belt is now worth more than years as PRIDE Heavyweight champ. Man, I was not expecting Cain Velasquez to outbox Nogueira. Catch him with a big one, maybe. But not school him like he did. Looks like I’m getting caned, which seems like fair pennance for questioning Velasquez’s knockout power.

-The ref in the Bonnar / Soszynski fight is an idiot. Ignoring the eyepoke, telling the guys to ‘work it’ as soon as they hit the ground, and fucking up the headbutt call all earn him the title of King Douche at UFC 110.