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Quebec kills more MMA shows

Now that the UFC has left the province, Quebec can go back to doing what it does best: making sure that other organizations can’t get an event off the ground. Bellator was set to visit Montreal last year and had to scrap those plans because the local commish are pretty much impossible to work with. Now “Lets Get It On MMA” (run by Big John McCarthy’s wife Elaine) has had to cancel several shows on the Quebec / Ottawa border because the only allowed cage is an octagon cage, and the UFC owns that shit:

The RACJ has bylaws that mandate the type of combative platform that is allowed to be used during Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) events. The RACJ bylaws mandate that an “octagon” style of cage is the only approved cage-fighting platform. Currently Zuffa, LLC, the parent company of the UFC, owns the trademark rights to any octagonal (or anything similar to an octagon) cage-fighting platform. Any promoter wishing to use an octagon must first seek approval and licensing through Zuffa, LLC. LGIO has not been able to secure any approval from Zuffa, LLC, despite numerous attempts to contact them over the past several months. “At this time it would be hazardous for the reputation and legal standing of LGIO to use a trademarked cage without the expressed approval of the trademark owner”, stated Elaine McCarthy, Executive Producer and Promoter of LGIO.

“It is still hard for me to comprehend how a government agency is forcing all MMA promoters within their province to use a specific cage as their fighting platform, obtain approval and pay a fee for the rights to another promoter to use that cage.”

Those looking at some sort of conspiracy don’t quite understand how stupid Quebec’s athletic commission is. This is the same organization that once got credited as one of the first to run under unified rules. Then it turned out years later that no one had ever bothered to write anything down and now we’re back to what is actually in the books – some ‘mixed boxing’ crap from the early 90’s along with whatever confused and disorganized amendments have been made to allow the UFC to hold events.

The UFC gets this special treatment because they can swing their giant well-oiled regulation dick and get things done. Other people, not so much. Even then, the first two UFC shows in Montreal almost got scuttled because the commission kept trying to throw up roadblocks last second. So if the UFC can barely pull it off, other promotions don’t really seem to have much of a chance.