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Quebec IS messing with MMA again

So I just confirmed that Bellator’s May 29th event in Montreal was moved to Monroe Louisiana because Quebec’s athletic commission (housed deep within the colon of the Regie des alcools, des courses et des jeux) decided their cage – the standard cage used in all Bellator’s past events – was no good.

It’s hard to imagine Bellator moving their event over some stupid padding or size issue. With XMMA also canceling their May event citing issues with the Regie, it seems pretty clear to me that Quebec has gone fucking insane again.

Man, it feels like forever ago that UFC 97 almost got moved to Vegas because Quebec had lost it’s shit. With that crisis averted I had kinda hoped that things would go back to normal around here. But it looks like Dana and the gang only bought us a few more months before the iron fist came down and no more events would be allowed.