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Quebec insanity update

Today is the day that UFC officials sit down with Quebec’s RACJ to see if they can convince them to not fuck over UFC 98. I figure this will consist of Mark Ratner trying to reason with them for a few hours while Dana White grinds his teeth to dust in the background thinking about the 12,000+ tickets already sold for the show.

Everyone seems to be really optimistic that a compromise will be met, but considering the UFC isn’t willing to bend on any of the specific MMA rules, I’m a bit skeptical of how this will turn out. Now that the Regie is on record stating that the rules are what they are, it would be a pretty huge 180 to turn around and say “Eeeeh, why not!”

So fingers crossed that we find out more later on today. I’ve still got a pretty bad feeling about this, but I have to imagine that the UFC has some sort of backup plan in case the RACJ end up sticking to their guns. I mean … I know the ultimate backup plan is Vegas, but I hope there’s one before that like a court challenge or something to keep things in Montreal.