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Quebec commission DQs Sakara from filing an appeal

Bloody Elbow’s headline reads “Alessio Sakara loses appeal, DQ loss to Patrick Cote upheld”, but that’s not quite accurate. Apparently in Quebec there is no appeal process:

According to a report on La Presse,  commission spokesperson Joyce Tremblay said they have refused to consider the appeal.  “The decision of the arbitrator is final and without appeal.”

How nice of the Quebec commission to skip the whole dog and pony show other commissions put on before upholding whatever decision they made earlier. These guys didn’t even bother to explain why the fight was ruled a victory for Cote instead of a No Contest! More willing to explain his methodology is referee Dan Miragliotta, who said he didn’t step in and stop Cote from receiving more illegal shots to the back of the head because most of the blows were actually legal:

“Even though most of your hand is hitting the back of the head, if your pinkie knuckle is hitting him in the ear, it’s a legal shot,” said Miragliotta. “Maybe that’s what people don’t understand. They said, ‘Oh, it’s the back of the head.’ It is the back of the head, but it’s hitting him in the ear.

“You get a guy like Shane Carwin or Brock Lesnar, their hands are so big, when they hit you in the ear, they’re still hitting the mohawk. That whole hand is about five or six inches wide. The earlobe is two inches. So four inches of your hand is hitting that mohawk, and that’s considered a legal strike.”

So you agree that the punches are still hitting the back of the head, but this strange cockamamie ear rule allows that via a technicality? That’s pretty fucking stupid, bro. Punching a guy in the back of the head is illegal because it’s too dangerous to allow. It doesn’t suddenly become less dangerous because a guy has fists the size of canned hams. In Miragliotta’s interpretation of the rule, the safety aspect of the back of the head rule (kinda the whole reason the rule exists) takes a backseat to the contradictory definition of what is and isn’t the back of the head.

It’s also kinda cloudy as to whether this ‘ear guideline’ is even official. But that’s nothing new … the ‘back of the head’ zone seems more mysterious to officials than the clit is to horny teenagers. We’ve gone through headphones as a definition, a mohawk stripe definition, a mo-phones hybrid, and now ‘a strike that touches the ear is generally acceptable.’ All these try to effectively outlaw something that is pretty obvious: one fighter bombing the back of his opponent’s skull in. It’s a sad state of affairs when “I know it when I see it” actually works better than the confused, contradictory, and downright ineffective rules we already have in place. Some sanity and clarity would be nice, before someone gets hurt.

(Just ignore that wide neck area at the bottom so long as the edge of the ear gets touched)