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Q&A with Joe Silva … maybe

I’m not one to post shit I read on forums as gospel truth. But I’ll happily post a link to a post where someone else does. That way when this turns out to be bullshit, you all hate on them instead of me!

This link takes you to a supposed conversation fans had with Joe Silva just before UFC 78. There’s a shitload of information, and here’s some notable highlights:

  • The Leben/Martin fight was originally supposed to be Tanner/Martin but Tanner turned the fight down ‘with no explanation’ … the fact that Joe Silva wasn’t aware that Evan was in the middle of an alcoholic crash at the time kinda worries me.
  • Says they’ve been having trouble getting in touch with CroCop’s management to set up another fight.
  • Stated that they didn’t plan to let Yushin Okami leave but his last performance plus crazy contract demands caused him to leave. In other words, “He asked to be paid like a top contender, but we were only willing to pay him like a top boring contender”
  • Claimed Josh Barnett was just ‘too much of a pain’ to deal with, and that he’s a big Japan freak so probably wouldn’t want to sign with the UFC anyways.

Anyways, there’s tons more where this came from … just keep in mind that all this could just be bullshit cobbled together by some bored forum monkeys.

  • frickshun says:

    I have never come across any Joe Silva interviews. UFC is run like the damn mob & there’s no way they’d let him talk about this stuff.

    Am I the only one that can’t f_cking wait for Josh Barnett to get back into the ring / cage? It would be nice to see him, Fedor or Couture face each other while they are still at the top of their game.

  • Michaelthebox says:

    It was a supposed conversation with Silva, not an interview. It does seem too good to be true, but if its a troll, its a brilliant one. Theres stuff in there like talking about Kampmann’s injury and expected return, and thats the kind of details that no troll would think to cover.

  • I used to pull some pretty awesome trolls back in my day when I was into that kinda stuff.

  • Mobb Deep says:

    Seems like bullshit to me. Before UFC 78, Cro Cop said in an interview that he is gonna fight in New Castle, England in January. Seems like there are no problems setting up his next fight and that this conversation is just a good, but not that good, troll job.

  • One thing I’ve never bothered to report is what fighters say. Fighters say all sorts of stuff about when they’d like to fight etc, and that doesn’t exactly make it so. We’re two months out from the Newcastle show … if Crocop was gonna be on it I think they’d have already made the decision. It’ll be interesting to see where they slot him and against who

  • Mobb Deep says:

    True, fighters do talk a lot of shit, but i don’t think CC is in that category. He did not say he wants to fight there, but that he will fight there. Hes been accurate with this kind of thing in the past. Although, I wish he would never fight in England again cause there has obviously been a curse placed on him which makes him unable to win there.

  • sonzai says:

    Silva (through an employee–user name saucylv) posted at the UG that most of this was legit with some misquotes. Said the biggest mistake was the Okami stuff. This Silva wrote that they actually re-signed Okami before the MacDonald fight and that this story was untrue. He didn’t really refute anything else.
    Barnett’s been an FA since Sept, so if he were easy to deal with, you’d think that someone (Hero’s, Elite, M1, Bodog, Strikeforce) would’ve signed him by now. soko took a while to sign, but he doesn’t have nearly the pedigree of Josh. I think Josh would probably insist on continuing his pro wrasslin’ activities in any negotiation. Plus Couture-type money.

  • marshal says:

    Beauty Salon gossip bitches!