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Put your mailbag questions here

Okay, so during the last Low Blow, we told you guys if we got enough requests we would do an extra radio show this week with a very special guest: Nick Diaz’s best friend Mary Jane. And you guys have answered with a resounding YES. So if you’d like your questions on MMA answered, stick em in the comments section here and we’ll try our best to stay reasonably coherent while attempting to answer them.

We’re actually quite interested to see how this turns out … we often do the show buzzed on beer, but Jake and I are like once a year tokers so we just don’t have enough field data to know what’s going to happen. Let’s pray reefer madness doesn’t set in and we make it out of the show alive.

All questions must be submitted by Friday afternoon if you want em asked on the show!

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    What would you do for a Hershey’s Cookies ‘N’ Creme bar RIGHT NOW?

  • garth says:

    man, the once a year smoke used to knock my damn socks off.
    Do you think Tito is with Jenna because her breath smells like cock?

    Do you prefer regular Cheezits or white cheddar cheese Cheezits?

    Any up and coming fighters you want to keep an eye on in any ol’ promotion?

  • yoyo says:

    In my opinion, Most MMA fights, though tactical, display a very low level of technicality , with too fews technical kicks(Axe kicks, back kick, roundhouse kicks, etc),very few technical throws (it’s just leg take downs), no fancy submissions.
    We most often see opponents standing face to face exchanging punches sometimes awkwardly grabbing each other. and that’s all.

    Do you think there is a downward trend in MMA ?

  • Lifer says:

    also if the marijuana experiment fails, METH!

  • I signed up for fightliner! says:

    I agree with Lifer you could fight someone at 155 in a few months if the pot doesnt work out.

  • Stellar53 says:

    Why did you kick out your girlfriend or why did she leave you Ryan?

    Also, how much of you shit did she take and what was the status of your house after she left…

    Have you released your plans for UFC 83….are you doing anything special at all?

  • dance2tranz says:

    hey, i know you guys love downing beers round the clock, but what is the preference when it comes to hard liquor?

    what kind of fantasy would you lie to play out on edith?

  • Card says:

    ditto on the UFC 83 plans.

  • chunkycheese says:

    what happened to the ketchup?

  • FightStinker is RIGHT! says:

    is it true that Jake loves the cock?

  • Millertime says:

    What are you thoughts on rolling while high? Have you ever been to jail?

  • Márcio says:

    Who are the top contenders right behind B. J. Penn in the lightweight division?

    Will Tim Sylvia last beyond the second round against Fedor? I’m guessing… no.

    After the beer and weed induced episodes, what’s next? I recomend shrooms.

  • clint notestine says:

    These questions might sound kind of gay but when your baked they produce some good answers.

    In your opinion who is the ugliest fighter?

    Who is the male fighter to “feminine/pretty boy” to be fighting?

  • slinger says:

    what are your thought on Utah?

  • Threatis says:

    if you had Joe Silva’s ear for like, 10 minutes, what fights would you begged to be booked, and what reasoning would you give for them?

  • Audacity says:

    An Xtreme Couture gym is opening up right near the place I’m currently residing for college in Toronto. I’m pretty sure Randy Couture will make an appearance for the grand opening and possibly bring his wife. If I kill Kim Couture, do I get a free t-shirt?

  • Stellar53 says:

    Who was the girl in your old commercials? Picture requested as well….

  • #1 jackal says:

    Who wins in a beer drinking contest. Butter Bean, Don Frye or Tank Abbott. Or is there any other fighters that you think could beat those three.

    ketchup story?

  • mike o says:

    how about harnessing the power of the jackal community to make some t-shirt designs? i think there is a lot of room for improvement

  • "Lord" Jake "No Regard" Baker Esquire III says:

    Why would Karo beat Fitch?
    What other shit did PRIDE do besides kill the Kennedys?
    Any comments on the Fedor Sylvia fight?
    Also, good luck doing the show high

  • kentyman says:

    Jake, please say “Ah-Joshu… Uh-Barnetto” like in the Sengoku 1 broadcast. Preferably not forced, but just in the middle of one of your Japanese impressions.

  • winklepicker says:

    Just curious: do either of your mothers ever listen to the show?

  • OneHotMinute says:

    Whatever happened with the videos from the GSP training seminar?

  • P W says:

    I can’t remember if you’ve answered this one before:

    Does Kimbo’s wicked beard give him an unfair advantage? Like making it difficult for Kimbo’s opponent to aim for his chin, is shock-absorbing, hides cuts, etc.

    But I’m quite sure you haven’t answered this one yet:

    Is James Thompson the most lobotomized looking fighter in MMA today?

  • clint notestine says:

    If oyu could beat the ever loving shit out of a fighter with no repercussions, who and why?

  • x5BoltMainx says:

    when are you going to admit that your ass problems are because you were either a) raped or b) experimenting with jake?
    just like the guy who had to have his ass rebuilt twice because he kept putting weird shit in there…like concrete.

    and why did your woman leave you? what happened to the ketchup? did she leave you because she found the gay porn mags?
    you could have just told her that you were doing research for an article.

  • Lifer says:

    oh yeah, i almost forgot – dont get stoned and forget to press record.

  • DA TWINN says:

    If youz cud fuck any fighters bitczh which wood yooz fuck;
    Semtex Daleys

  • andres says:

    Ok so wat did u guys use to smoke wat bomb are u smokin wat are u eatin whose sittin where wat color is the seat yer sittin on how’s the high mellow and sleepy or up with adamss??

    Noooow tell me would u smoke with us ?? In san jose

  • Higgz says:

    I’ll bet you can’t call the police and tell them there’s a murder being committed in your house.

  • TIGERTAO says:

    What type of Skunk are you smoking?
    You Canadians got some bad ass Bud, Blueberry used to be my favourite before I quit.

    Who would you rather ground and pound to a bloody mess?

    Kevin Iole,
    Dana White,
    Gary Shaw.

    Imagine yourselves in that scene from Pulp Fiction where Bruce Willis & Vink Rhames are tied up and gag balled. You’ve just been in a life and death street fight, that ends in you getting KO’d by a white trash, rapist.

    This time in scenario #1 its Jake and Evan Tanner, so Jake would you knock out the Gimp and walk away leaving Evan to a Starfish ripping, colon violation?
    Or would you risk your ring and life to try to save that alcoholic, gambling piece of shit?

    Scenario #2 is the same except it features Ryan and his choice of;
    Royce Gracie,
    Dana White,
    Sean Sherk

    I’m gonna score some green and toke myself stoopid while I listen to this show!

    Skunklinker FTW!

  • MadMan says:

    Who will be the next American Prez?
    Do you have cotton-mouth…and if so,
    are you relieving it with Mt. Dew?

    But seriously, Karo trouncing Fich…i think not.

  • Do you think Diaz has ever fought while stoned?

    And if so, do you think he would be able to endure more pain because of it?

    All the drunk guys I’ve been in fights with drop like flies, not sure if I’ve ever fought someone stoned though…

  • Mobb Deep says:

    Travis Lutter is a +300 underdog vs Franklin on Pretty good fucking pick for an upset or what? Lutter did better vs Silva than Franklin did in both of his fights.

  • What is going to be “the next big thing” to revolutionise MMA?
    – the YAMMA (boo!)
    – tag team matches
    – Allowing soccer kicks and headstomps in the unified rules
    – mixed sex matches
    – limb destruction i.e. pinning someone to the floor and isolating an arm but instead of cranking a joint, you elbow the shit out of it till it breaks or something, a-la super-deadly traditional martial arts.
    – the ability to yell “POWER XX-TREME” During a fight at which point your corner can throw you some kind of bionic augmentation to clip onto your gonads or teeth to use to mangle and/or gnash your opponent into quivering mincemeat.

  • yoyo_from_paris says:

    mixed sex matches

    what’s the point ? no woman ca compete with men it’s butchery.

    I have fought with very skillfull young woman at the gym, but none could have withstand me pushing the pace…

  • Joon4s says:

    I’m also interested in the of the ketchup.

    Also, why does Jake say “fuck that noise” in every sentence?

  • jrichard4457 says:

    What do you think of Anthony Johnson potential?

    Is there any fight more pointless then the Jason MacDonald Joe Doerksen fight is?

    How do you feel on Chael Sonnen saying after he beats Paulo Filho he’s gonna call out Anderson Silva and Joe Silva basically saying shut up you’re wasting your time?

    Do you think it’s possible that Dana could go a TUF episode without getting bleeped?

  • The_Project says:

    Do you think Rich Franklin is gay he has no children and he seems to hang around Jorge Gurgel a lot?

    Do you think it’s retarded that somebody (James Thompson) can get knocked out by a nobody in less than 3 minutes and get a main event bout on CBS?

    Do you think Rich Franklin will ever go to a decision against Anderson Silva and not get his nose broken?

  • pillow says:

    Who is the coolest redneck fighter?

    Brad Imes
    Tim Boetsch
    Matt Hughes
    Tim Sylvia
    Heath Herring
    Burt Reynolds with a bow and arrow in Deliverance

  • Gong says:

    If you could have one fighter just disappear from the face of the Earth already, who would it be? You can extend this to 1 fighter per division or whatever.

    Oh, and who would win in a fight between Danny Abbadi and Andy Wang?

  • Dangerfield says:

    What are your thoughts on the Mark Coleman Brock Lenar fight? Will Mark Coleman use his old man strength the defeat Brock or will he herniate his colon during the fight. Could Mark Colemans daughter become the greatest female mixed martial artist?

    Are eddie bravo and joe rogan lovers?

  • clint notestine says:

    Something not MMA related- In your opinion what is the most over-hyped, shittiest popular movie ever made?

    Whats your favorite “shitty” movie as in its so bad its good?

  • Millertime says:

    What would be your intro songs if you were to ever fight.

  • clint notestine says:

    “What would be your intro songs if you were to ever fight.” This one has to be answered! If you two had to fight each other would it change? Ebony and Ivory?

  • Higgz says:

    Do you hear that noise behind your house? What is that?

  • #1 jackal says:

    they have answered the intro song question before and I am sure it was Lesley Gore’s song called Sunshine, Lollypops, and rainbows.
    People you need to pay fucking attention. They dont record these shows so everyone can forget what they said.

  • S’all good, people don’t have to go through the archives to make sure we’ve never answered a question. Plus sometimes our answers change. Like “What do you think of Karo” is the same question as one we anwered last month, but it’ll get a different answer this time.

    Especially considering the mitigating circumstances

  • clint notestine says:

    Do you guys ever drink good beer, ie not mass market American beer? Something with more than 4% alc?

  • RL Dookiefuck says:

    On a scale of 1 to 10 how hot are Mark Coleman’s daughter’s abs?

    When will you guys come out and admit that the only thing keeping you from loving Chuck Norris’s WCL is the lack of blatant homoeroticism that is everpresent in regular MMA?

  • Dr.Death says:

    Hey Guys I got a few questions?
    1. If you guys were gay who would be the butch/bitch of the relationship? or would it be neutral?
    2. On a scale from 1 to 10, how pussy whipped is Randy Couture?
    3. How many more knockouts, can James Thompson take before he retires or he is retired by an athletic commission?

  • xtremeLoster says:

    Hey, what do you think about the Timmy/Fedor fight? Aren’t they waiting for Couture? No one gives a fuck about Tim Sylvia and if he manages to win, Fedor basically becomes “the guy that lost to shit pants”. Why even do this shit? It’s like a -1500 bet, the returns for this fight will suck compared to what you have to risk.

    Hey you guys got to see GSP recently. Don’t you think the guy is showing signs of Steroid abuse? Does that even matter? Would you guys still hug his cock if you “knew” he was on the juice?

    Just want to say the radio shows have been pretty fucking awesome. I can’t sit through any of sherdog’s shit while checking my email.

  • So I don’t forget, here’s questions emailed from godzilladestroy:

    1. If the UFC was gonna have a billboard in times square with two fighters from each of the five weight classes, who would they be?

    2. Who are you guys picking in the DREAM Lightweight tournament?

    3. When the site grows, would you be open to hiring more writers?

  • Nate says:

    Why isn’t there more Roy Nelson love? The guy is way better then Rothwell and totally won when they fought (b.s. decision0). He should be top 10.

  • Dan says:

    what was the last/best thing you have bought off ebay?

  • Swedish guy says:

    Yeah, great to be one of the last questions… I probably won’t get an answer at all, but anyway:

    In what way do you think “THE YAMMA” will affect MMA fights?

    Please use your imagination freely without necessarily taking refuge in gay jokes as I guess there will be more than enough of them stemming from the above questions.

  • Stellar53 says:

    So Ryan, we know your ex-girlfriend is now out of the picture and she wasn’t very nice to you. Well, we know you have nude pictures of her, I think it is you duty as the leader of the JACKALS to put them out for our viewing pleasure or ridicule…..

    Also, I know you guys change your mind all the time, so who are your current favorite fighters?

  • The Son of Xenu says:

    Will you be going to the GSP afterparty? What would you do if you did?

    Can you please do an episode of The Good Atheist after this?

  • Shouldn’t the show be done pretty soon? Or did you get so wasted you forgot to record the thing?

  • airipsus says:

    so did that bitch take the ketchup or what?

  • Jonathan says:

    1. What do you think will happen with the elections in Zimbabwe.

    2. Do you think that Mark Kerr will retire after his last loss to Oleg Taktarov?

  • Joon4s says:

    Where’s mah show? I’ll be off from work in 5 hours, so it better be up by then! (no, this is not a threat)

  • DA TWINN says:

    WheS da Fuckn Show biatchz? I turned away 3 tricks to hear it!!! u gotz 2 getx it ups 2day or im suin y’all…

  • #1 Jackal says:

    It is 1:30 in the afternoon. I dont have to work today and i am ready to play some video games, start drinking, and listen to the show. i dont want to start drinking untill i can drink and listen to the show at the same time.

  • FightStinker is RIGHT! says:

    yall didn’t even answer my question! FUCK!!!