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Pun-heavy headlines from the Battle on the Bayou


Boy, did Jonathan Brookins and Court McGee ever stink it up in the cage last night. Brookins took all that positive fan attention he got from winning TUF 12 and squandered it by pushing Erik Koch up against the cage for three rounds. Court McGee struggled to take out Dongi Yang, a fighter who lost to Chris Camozzi. Chris Camozzi! This was supposed to be a delicious TUF sandwich with Belcher vs MacDonald and Shields vs Ellenberger as the wholesome bread. Instead the secret ingredient inside was le shit. Stinky liquid baby shit.


Another former opponent Georges St Pierre couldn’t finish just got taken out fast by a fighter lower on the totem pole. Because Jake Ellenberger can’t get any respect, you’ll hear people point out GSP’s lack of finishing power many many many more times than you’ll hear anyone commenting on Ellenberger. The dude has KOs in four of his six UFC fights. When he starts swinging, fighters better watch out because he means business.


In the days leading up to the Battle on the Bayou, Jason revealed that his time in MMA was almost up: he had been granted a five year leave of absense by his former employers at a correctional facility, and that runs out in January. He talked about the fact that he would probably never win a belt and revealed he was going to probably pull a Chris Lytle and retire after this fight. After the shellacking he got from Alan Belcher, it’s probably not a bad idea. It just sucks that we’ve lost one of the most entertaining Canadian fighters on the roster in such a piss poor manner.


Everyone talking about how poop Saturday’s event was obviously didn’t tune into the undercard fights on facebook. TJ Waldburger vs Mike Strumf and Ken Stone vs Donny Walker were both entertaining jitz battles, Lance Benoist announced his arrival in the UFC with a great fight against Matt Riddle, and once again Cody McKenzie wins the award for most entertaining fighter who never seems to win. I wouldn’t bet the farm on anyone here based on these fights alone, but if you’ve got a choice between catching the actual event or watching the prelims, I suggest tuning in for the prelims.

  • Blackula Jonez says:

    Cody needs to go to 145, he will be the bigger fighter and hopefully will have a better chance at not getting gassed, outgrappled and submitted.


    Brookins did a good job at trying to become the 145 Nick Lentz, unfortunatley he forgot the part where he tricks the judges into thinking he won via nuetralizing his opponent for 13 mins of the fight.

    If Ellen was going to win this fight it was going to be via first round bullrush, now all we need is Hendricks to land a bolo on Jon Fitch and viola, a whole host of new challengers for the 170 pound title.

  • CAP says:

    Ellenberger looked beasty, take notes Rush, THAT’S how you finish a fight.

    You could tell by the TUF finale Brookins wasn’t ready.

  • Symbul says:

    I think Brookins and McKenzie (if he wants to continue in this line of work) need some time off Zuffa cards to work on their game. Neither of them is really developed enough at this point. McKee can hang around on undercards for a while. All in all though not the greatest endorsement of TUF-sourced talent.

  • scissors61 says:

    let’s just all take a moment to applaud matt riddle for being dumb enough to enter the ring to “rock you like a hurricane” in NEW ORLEANS 

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    I gotta agree with Symbul.  I love both those cat’s personalities and want them to succeed, so McKenzie needs some wrestling and offensive Jits while Brookins .. actually he could use the same.  His wrestling is kinda nice, but needs more tools to win and threaten.

    But I would differ and say the only endorsements of TUF sourced talent are Rashad Evans and Forrest – who was a good top-tier opponent, but I cannot believe he won the title.

  • glassjawsh says:

    ^ what about chris leben, josh koscheck, diego sanchez, kenny florian, joe stevenson, melvin guillard, keith jardine, michael bisping, gray maynard and joe lauzon? admittedly it gets a little thin after season 5 but all of those dudes i just mentioned either fought for a title OR have been solid dudes for many years following TUF

    also this —>
    (damn im awesome)

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    Kos, K-Lo, Maynard and Bisping are pretty good.  Good call man. Melvin has ton of potential too.  I hope he does something with it.   I’m still iffy on J-Lau tho.