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Pseudo-response on that wacky Matt Hughes picture

No reaction yet from Matt Hughes himself on the midwestern social faux pas of getting caught holding a white supremacist shirt. But here’s his webmaster with an explanation:

Not a big deal.

This photo was taken on April 5th, 2008, when Matt did an appearance at Dale’s Harley-Davidson, in Mt. Vernon, IL. I run Matt’s website and I was there taking pictures of the event. This photo was from early on in the day and some guy brought the shirt to Matt, asked him to sign it and take a picture with it. Matt was on his way to the autograph table, so he signed it and took the picture on the move and I doubt he even looked at the shirt any longer than it took to find a blank space to sign his name. The only reason I remember it so well was I noticed the “SS” symbol and thought to myself, “Uh-oh, this could be a problem.” It was a busy day, so I never brought it up and it seemed like such a small issue as the months went by.

Again, Matt has absolutely no affiliation with this group, he was just asked by a fan to sign the shirt and take the photo and he did. Matt has no connections whatsoever with white supremacist groups.

I’d like to pipe up and say that for what it’s worth, I don’t think Matt Hughes is part of a white supremacist group either. Not that I have any particular insight on the topic or anything … there’s just been no proof past this shirt to go on, and as far as evidence goes, this only points to the fact that Matt is probably a little too tolerant of intolerance for his own good.

Personally, I love white supremacists. They’re one of the few groups out there that you don’t feel bad for kicking the shit out of. But I’m not gonna blame others for not going into sucker punch mode at the first sight of Nazi symbolry. Sure, you’d hope Matt would at least not sign that kinda shit, but I’m pretty sure this episode will be a learning experience for him on the subject. First choke photos and now this. If Hughes doesn’t catch a break sooner rather than later, he’ll be hissing and covering up every time someone points a camera at him.