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Protégé gone bad

A bit of a random story from Croation news site about one of Mirko Crocop’s fighting proteges gone bad:

A former sparring partner of Mirko Cro Cop, Mirko Borkovic was arrested yesterday for 25 armed robberies of Zagreb betting agencies. Borkovic was at one time a multiple Croatian amateur kickboxing champion and one of Mirko Cro Cop’s most promising kick boxing protégés.   The former rising star was desperate for cash in order repay loans that he had borrowed to finance his cocaine addiction police reports indicate.

Unfortunately for Cro Cop this comes only one month after Croatian media erroneously reported that he had spared with Croatian crime figure and murder suspect Robert Matanic. Cro Cop denied the allegations soon after, stating in an exclusive interivew with Nova TV never have have met Matanic.

Add on top of this Alistair Overeem continuing to dog Mirko in the MMA press and you gotta wonder when the poor dude is gonna get a break. What’s the last positive thing anyone has said about the once-mighty Mirko? “You did a great job destroying that can“? That was back in fucking March! And everyone was being sarcastic!

The story in it’s original Croatian is here, and you can read the whole article after the jump. Thanks to Robert at Free Fight Videos for the translation.