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Props to Kimbo

You can’t really go anywhere today without hearing people say “I told you so” about Kimbo Slice … not like I’d ever actually talked to anyone who thought he was everything EliteXC hyped him up to be. So it was kinda refreshing to read someone give Kimbo some love:

Those are the reasons people should be loving this guy. He trains his ass off, he only wanted to be a fighter in this MMA fight game, and he is one of the nicest most humble people in the sport. Like all of us, Kevin Fergusen just wants to bring a pay check home to support his family. Why hate on that?

Kimbo will live to fight another day and deserves credit where it is due for the fact that he did step up and fight Seth even though he had no clue who he was. He didn’t let the show sink when Shamrock was forced out. He could have, he probably should have, but he didn’t.

On the other side of the coin, here’s Five Ounces delving a bit more into the possibly less than pure reasons Kimbo stepped up.