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Promotion would be a good idea.

Zach Arnold sounds the gong of disaster, pointing out that EliteXC’s third CBS show is a month away and they haven’t done shit as far as promoting it. He is wrong re: the card being finalized … well, the televised portion anyways which is really all that matters. But you’d never know considering the lack of press attention. I got a release email a week ago and that’s it. Thus far there’s been virtually no promotion, and other than ONE SITE posting the above video there hasn’t been a mention of EliteXC past people talking about it going down in flames.

To anyone reading this that works for ProElite (and I know there’s a whole bunch of you), go over to the people (person / nobody?) responsible for promoting this event and kick them in the head. Because you’re going to be unemployed soon because of them. Or maybe they need medical attention! Maybe they’re already dead and if you go check in on them you’ll find them rotting in their cubicles with an inch of dust over everything and spiders nesting in their hollowed out eye sockets.

But suffice to say, someone should go check what’s going on because from out here it looks like NOTHING IS.