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Promoter trying to squeeze 10% of all future money out of new UFC signee

It sounds like fighter Yoislandy Izquierdo’s octagon debut will be delayed because of a contractual dispute with Championship Fighting Alliance, the promoters he fought for. Izquierdo got called up to the big leagues but the CFA isn’t willing to let him go unless he agrees to give them 10% of all the money he makes in the UFC:

Championship Fighting Alliance CEO Jorge De La Noval discussed the situation on Wednesday’s edition of “The Roman Show.” De La Noval claimed Izquierdo’s management company offered him five percent of Izquierdo’s UFC earnings in order to negotiate his release from the promotion but with a caveat that included a monthly salary for Izquierdo’s manager, Alfred Munoz, as well as a stipend for the fighter.

De La Noval said he countered with an offer that included 10 percent of all of Izquierdo’s purse, sponsorship and bonus money for the entirety of his UFC career.

“We want 10 percent of Yoislandy’s purse,” De La Noval said. “We have invested, and we’ve done the numbers, we have invested over $40,000 in Yoislandy. Why is that OK to pay these scumbags 10 percent of his purse, when all they’ve done is take a percentage of his purse all the time? It’s not OK for us to get anything back?”

In the lengthy interview, De La Noval repeatedly expressed his desire for Izquierdo to enjoy UFC success but that his principles dictated the fighter remain loyal to the promotion that helped build him.

“We were a part of getting ‘Cuba’ there, and he wouldn’t have done it without us,” De La Noval said. “We made all the investment. ‘Cuba’ does not – he never sold a ticket. ‘Cuba’ never sold any. He didn’t have any fans. He didn’t have anything, so we made him a star. The ‘Cuba’ that you know today, that he’s our champion, we made him that.

“Apparently there’s a lot of people forgetting that a couple of fights back, nobody knew ‘Cuba.’ Now everybody knows ‘Cuba.’ It’s just become a national phenomenon now.”

Yes, because the name Yoislandy Izquierdo is totally on the lips of MMA fans across America, and he would be nowhere without the infamous Championship Fighting Alliance. My big question is how often does this kinda stuff happen? We’d heard about Roy Nelson’s battle with Roy Jones Jr’s MMA promotion and several incidents where Bellator has put the screw on their fighters. But this is the first time I’ve heard of a promotion trying to dig their claws into a chunk of all future moneys made by a guy in the UFC. Here’s hoping the blowback makes them a real ‘national phenomenon’: the MMA promotion everyone hates.