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ProElite’s reboot event has a poster

The rebooted ProElite now has a new logo and a poster for their first event. After being somewhat dubious about it’s relaunch, I’ve become slightly more positive after hearing that the events are being managed by T Jay Thompson, a solid, non-sketchy fixture of the Hawaiian MMA scene. Now we see the poster looks pretty solid and the lineup is good enough to attract interest but not so stupid that the promotion will pull an Affliction and lose oodles of money. My only complaint: the logo.

Oooh, a fist. There’s an original design choice right there. Every other MMA-related enterprise in the universe totally hasn’t beaten that iconography to death at all. Why stop there? Add some chain link fence inside the font. Throw some skulls on each side. Maybe add wings to them too. And an upside down fleur-de-lys or seven. Really, if you’re going to go all MMA ClipArt on us, you should take it TO THE EXXXTREME! Otherwise how are we supposed to know it’s MMA?