twitter google wastes 3.5 million dollars

People make a big deal about Affliction burning a big pile of money with their first show, but it’s better to burn your money than flush it down the toilet. At least when you burn it, the fire is something spectacular to behold. Not so much when you blow all your money on a lame-ass website like ProElite did. In the world of business, millions upon millions of dollars are lost every day, it’s no big deal when stupid companies lose stupid amounts of money. But on a personal level I just don’t get how anyone can be so FUCKING TERRIBLE at business to lose 3.2 million dollars on the internet: has also heard rumors from highly placed sources that ProElite may be trying to sell the website. Such a sale wouldn’t bring much in the way of revenue but would help to get the significant losses off of ProElite, Inc.’s books. The company experienced a $3.2 million loss on website operations in 2007 and is on pace to post similar losses for 2008 based on first quarter results. is an ugly, jumbled mess of a site that looks like someone took all of the worst aspects of every social networking site and tossed them together in one rank shit salad. I have no fucking clue how in God’s name they managed to burn that much money on the site … perhaps they’ve been buying some $5000 toilet seats and $10,000 hammers from the US army? And before you jackal bastards try to say “Glass houses” to me regarding how ugly our site is, let me just say if I had 1/1000th of the money ProElite has wasted, I would rule the internet. Like, coming to this page would be better than getting an epic rimjob from Hannah Montana (and I use Hannah because coming here would still be a guilty pleasure).

It continues to blow my mind how much money ProElite loses for all it actually does. Most of it’s individual MMA companies seem solvent or at least close to solvent, but over and over you see the parent company posting up massive losses due to retarded overhead. I’m still a bit perplexed as to how ProElite on it’s own justifies it’s existence. I know it’s the umbrella company and is being used to generate money via stocks, but when you’re blowing this much dough you still need some kind of plan to generate revenue. But as far as I can tell, it seems like they’re following some sort of variation on the Underpants Gnome business model when they put together their website.

  • Shane says:

    The bulk of the money lost was probably because of all the free live streams of MMA events like Cage Rage they used to offer.

  • dragomort says:

    Can we all start gathering $32,000 to get something better than an epic rimjob from Hannah Montanna everytime we visit? I’d never stop hitting the reload button, it’d be a bargain!