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ProElite is back, for some dumb reason

Normally we don’t bother talking about new promotions claiming they’re going to ‘compete with the UFC’ until after they’ve lost their first million+ dollars, but we’ll make an exception for the people who just proudly bought the rotting corpse of ProElite, as if that brand will somehow help them be successful:

SANTA BARBARA, CA – (June 15, 2011) — Stratus Media Group, Inc. (OTCBB:SMDI), a live entertainment company, announced today that it has concluded its acquisition of ProElite, Inc. (PK:PELE), an entertainment and media company involved in the development, production, and promotion of mixed martial arts (MMA). Stratus now owns ninety five percent of ProElite.

“This acquisition provides the resources and abilities ProElite needs in order to focus on strengthening and repositioning its world class MMA fighting platform in addition to the brand itself,” stated Paul Feller, President and CEO of Stratus. “Under the new SMDI Action Sports Vertical, ProElite is launching a series of MMA events that will bring a new vitality to the business of MMA and reestablish ProElite as a leading international MMA organization.”

Founded in 2006, and running its first show in February 2007, ProElite quickly became one of the most visible brands in mixed martial arts globally. ProElite holds the record for highest ratings of an MMA event on a network telecast. The company maintains its ownership stakes in South Korean-based Spirit MC and British based Cage Rage. ProElite’s event strategy will continue its focus in both domestic and international markets, welcoming fighters across all weight classes to prove themselves in the cage. Details of ProElite’s upcoming events schedule, fight card, and management team will soon be announced.

Oooooooh, I hope Stratus Media’s new ‘Action Sports Vertical’ group (sounds XTREME!) brings the same attention to MMA that Stratus has brought to wine festivals and auto shows over the years. I also look forward to them importing ‘new vitality to the business of MMA.’ Perhaps a similar vitality those theatre company n00bs brought in when they teamed up with some nice Russian gentlemen and a fighter named Fedor a few years ago. Hmmmm, how’d that turn out?

I guess I’m just jaded. I’ve seen this shit play out over and over again the exact same way. Idiots with no MMA background jump into the sport. Shit gets hard. Shit gets expensive. Company goes down in flames. Some new idiots buy the bleached bones of the last idiots. “Watch out, MMA world! We’re gonna change the world!”

  • CAP says:

    This sounds like horrible news. But you knew sooner or later a promotion would surface to offer the top guys another place to go. Long shot but hopefully they have their shit together.

  • agentsmith says:

    What’s 95% of nothing?

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

    reestablish ProElite as a leading international MMA organization

    They’ve got an inverted flux capacitor that sends everyone but them back to when Kimbo and Gina were hot draws that actually competed.

  • SHORT_BUS says:

    Maybe Fedor and M-1 can co-promote with these guys……