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PRIDE’s legacy

For the second anniversary of PRIDE’s unfortunate but inevitable death, Zach Arnold put together a list of lessons learned from the situation. You could fill a book with these lessons and I don’t understand why Zach hasn’t (seriously. SERIOUSLY!), but I’ll share the general gist with you here:

  1. The majority of MMA’s star power in Japan is reliant on pro-wrestling
  2. The more money MMA makes in Japan, the more the yakuza wants to get involved.
  3. Most Japanese entertainment entities are very good at running business on their home turf due to their nationalistic ways, but are just as lousy about exporting their product on a global scale because their knowledge of doing business is based solely on what the Japanese want.
  4. As WWE proved, UFC will not be able to run big in Japan unless they run a pure Japanese-style product and Zuffa is unwilling to do this.
  5. Once the MMA boom died in Japan, the business reset to pre-PRIDE levels.

I can’t disagree with any of Zach’s arguments but I can lament the fact that the fight scene has gotten itself locked into such a retarded three way with pro wrestling and organized crime. Even Lorenzo Fertitta is sounding like he’s sick of trying to sort Japan out, so all that talk a few months ago about the UFC invading … well, it’s not looking good to say the least.