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Pride videos now on lockdown

One of the main reasons we changed Fightlinker from a links and video site to a general blog was because the UFC got really really good at having every single UFC fight taken off Youtube and DailyMotion. Considering Dana’s such a fucking control freak, it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s the one cruising the site every day flagging shit himself.

Anyways, the internet is about to get a lot more boring. Tons of Pride videos are starting to be taken down too, courtesy of “Pride Worldwide Holdings, Inc”. Isn’t it great that they’re spending their time combing the internet for grainy peice of shit videos rather than … oh I don’t know … THROWING A FUCKING EVENT?

I’m not an unreasonable person. I can understand why Zuffa keeps a tight lid on video sharing sites … if a person can watch all the fights from a PPV on Dailymotion the day after the event, that’s not good for business. But here’s what’s happening now: Zuffa is removing one of the most effective avenues for fans to get familiarized with all the new guys they’re bringing into the UFC.
Guys like Crocop, Nog, Herring, Sakurai, Henderson, Rampage … the list goes on and on and on. Without youtube and dailymotion there to show people they’re the real deal, I don’t know how Zuffa expects the average joe to give a flying fuck about any of them.

Smart companies use video sharing sites to their advantage, taking down content that costs them money while leaving up stuff that markets future products. At a time where two former PRIDE guys like Quinton Jackson and Dan Henderson are set to face off on national television, I have no idea what the fuck Zuffa is thinking taking down all the old footage of these guys from the net.

  • Asa says:

    I think Zuffa actually sucks at promoting fighters who aren’t white, TUF alums or related to Dana.

    Most of the current promotion comes from TUF and current fans spreading the word.

  • steve24 says:

    No wonder I couldn’t find that Alexander vs Jardine fight on Dailymotion. I remember watching a few days after the fight took place but now its gone.

    Maybe if it didn’t take the UFC 6 months to put recent fights on UFC on Demand, more people would suscribe and not go to youtube or dailymotion. I know I would.

  • Asa says:

    What if they released shows on DVD a month after the event? then new fans would be able to download things more recent than two years ago at blockbuster

  • Asa says:

    Sorry, I meant rent.

  • hankd says:

    Great…Dailymotion is a pain already just trying to get stuff to upload without getting flagged by their BS filters. Curious to see if my ufc and pride fights start getting taken down…

    steve24…Alexander vs Jardine (avi)

    If you know where to go you can DL the fights within 30 min’s of them happening…and the un-aired fights will be up about 2 days later (as soon as somebody rips them from UFC on Demand).

  • Mattio says:

    Viacom is known to pull all South Park and Beavis and Butt-head videos from youtube and dailymotion. Maybe Viacom is forcing the UFC to pull all of their videos from those sites.

  • But doesn’t viacom’s name come up on those takedown notices? In the case of UFC and PRIDE it’s Zuffa and Pride Worldwide so that would indicate they’re dealing with their own shit.

    Plus, Viacom is way slower than Zuffa. The day after a PPV, the Zuffa guys are always pushing takedowns really quickly

  • DJ Hapa says:

    Lets not be scum bags now. I have watched videos on Youtube and Dailymotion. I never thought I had some right to watch them. Sure, I like free fight videos, but am not going to complain one bit that Zuffa has removed them.

    One reason Pride didn’t get over in the US is Youtube piracy. Pride did the worst job ever of protecting their intellectual property. Why would anyone pay for a PPV when you can get the fights on the net for free two hours later?

    It is the UFC’s job to promote their product. If people don’t know who the fighters are, then the PPV will fail. That is their business. Fact is, piracy is stealing. So I have stolen a few times. I’m a criminal. I admit it. You all should admit it too and stop rationalizing your misdeeds.

  • Big Fern says:

    DJ Hapa you’re a fukin douche. i want me free fuckin videos damnit!

  • Jake says:

    Wow, some guy called himself DJ Hapa. Reminds me of some posts and radio shows where we blasted that guy. Nice….

  • steve24 says:

    hankd: Your awesome man.. you think you can get the Kos vs Sanchez fight too?? I signed up for mediafire but i could only upload not download.

  • Rob says:

    It absolutely blows my mind that they pull the fan created highlight films too. Those kinda HL [from over at Sherdog, back in the day] were what helped make me a fan. Now, of course, you can’t find them… short-sighted late 20th century thinking… outdated, archaic business models…

  • PrelKikam says:

    enter text? test, sorry


  • MrRudy says:

    I can’t add your feed to Feedburner. How I do this?

  • attila says:

    hi im a student at high school and i have been doing kickboxing for 2 years now and im a big mirko crocop fan there is a video of mirko crocop on youtube and i just love it but they erased it please just put it on again or send it to me as a mail…