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PRIDE replaced by something even gayer!

If you thought it would be hard for the Japanese to top PRIDE as gayest MMA promotion name ever (second only to ZEST ), you was WRONG!

A few days back their was brief mention that the Heroes circuit would soon become extinct, while this is yet to be completely confirmed, reports have surfaced that this is in fact a close reality. “Dreams” as the new show is allegedly called with look to merge what some have dubbed “Zombie PRIDE” (Dream Stage Entertainment Crew) with K-1 Heroes and create a sort of default MMA leader in Japan. If this is in fact true, than I guess it would be good in some regards because we may be able to see shows like “Yarennoka!!” more frequently and hopefully with the same talent pool.

Maybe this is one of those things like the Wii where no one gets it when the name is announced but down the road it just makes obvious sense. But I dunno … HERO’S was cool if a bit strange in it’s usage of punctuation. I’d rather have kept that or made it combine with Pride into “HERO’S PRIDE” which would have been hella cool. Or at least to me it would have.

  • murcao says:

    And if “Dreams” fails, what will they come up with next? “Hope”?
    Japan… They have the technology. They can rebuild.

  • Lifer says:

    i think we’re lucky we didn’t end up with Pikachu’s Boxy Boxy High Kick-oh Hour.

  • Fightlinker Jackal says:

    Pride is not a bad name IMO. So I guess they chose “Dream” so people automatically think “Dream Stage Entertainment” and at the same time not have problems with the UFC over copyrights.

  • frickshun says:

    I endorse this post purely based on the Wii reference.

  • Toxie says:

    While pronounced ZEST, the promotion is titled ZST. I believe if you dug deeper, you could find a much gayer promotion name. Maybe you could make a contest out of it?

  • otto von bismarkie says:

    Pride is a horrible name, on my conmputer at work I went to (instead of mistake, some check comes walking by and bam , now she thinks I am a rainbow warrior.

  • otto von bismarkie says:

    Sorry that was chick not check.

  • jackal-shitstain says:

    Should have been Heroes “Wet Dreams”

  • Márcio says:

    WTF? Pride was not a gay name, get over it. Dreams on the other hand is the gayest name ever.

  • I’m pretty sure homosexuals own PRIDE now, like they own the rainbow and the term gay

  • MacDaddy says:

    They should have called it FUCKYOUUFC…

  • I think the worst name ever was the promotion Greatest Common Multiple Presents Demolition of Octagon Gear, known by the snappy contraction “Demolition of Octagon Gear”. They changed their name to Cage Force, wisely.

    Let’s have a competition for the best new name for Zombie Pride.

    My votes:

    Perfect Stage Battle
    Dream Arena
    Gladiatorium Future Power
    Hummingbird Destiny
    Destiny Punch

  • MacDaddy says:

    How about “Mos-a Excerrent-a Fight-u”?

  • Zheroen says:

    I would be in full support of “Super Miracle Ecstasy Punch Grapple Battle Arena”, myself.

  • tophw says:


  • Royal "God of Puroresu" Burnell says:

    you guys forgot the important part.

    They lost Akira “Starmaker” Maeda

  • If Maeda was the HERO’S bookmaker then on a personal level I don’t mind too much. Maybe i’m just an ignorant gaijin but half the fights he booked made no sense to me.

    PS – one vote for Super Miracle Ecstasy Punch Grapple Battle Arena

  • MacDaddy says:

    Make that 2 votes… If they don’t use it fightlinker should start putting on fights and use it. You could promote your own fight against Sam Caplan, then you could make your own ridiculously biased rules and stiff yourself for the purse at the end of the night!

  • Royal "God of Puroresu" Burnell says:

    Tanagawa was the booker. Maeda was supposed to be head of talent.

    I guess that was just a cosmetic title.