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PRIDE Please Stay Dead

When your treatment of fighters is the first thing Rampage Jackson leaps to when trying to make nice in lieu of his big payday against Rashad, you know you were shady.  Via Fighters Only:

In a recent interview with Fighters Only, Jackson recalled how he would sometimes have to take himself to the hospital if he got injured fighting for Pride. He contrasted that with the UFC, which often picks up the tab for medical care even when the fighter was hurt in training camp rather than the actual fight.

“Yeah, [you would] take yourself to the hospital. I remember my people taking me to the hospital. I think [Pride] used to have a van there sometimes. But in the UFC if you get hurt even in practice for a fight, Dana will say ‘Come on, come to my doctor’ and they will pay for it,” he revealed.

“The UFC is really good about that. That’s one thing I really like about the UFC compared to Pride, the UFC is really good like that. But if you got hurt in practice getting ready for a Pride fight… [laughs]. And if you got hurt in a fight, like I got my hand broken over there, they don’t care.”

+3 for Quentin – one for demonstrating a relevant, if not recently updated, relationship with actual events; one for giving credit where credit is due; and one for reminding the die-hard fans that PRIDE did in fact die for reasons that had nothing to do with the Mob, and that fighters were choosing the UFC over PRIDE for lots and lots of reasons, and that pay isn’t the only thing that dictates how to treat fighters.  +5 then.