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PRIDE plays dirty, part 2

I’ve already shared my thoughts on PRIDE execs offering Rampage Jackson more money to sub out to Sakuraba. Now there’s more interesting news coming out. First, here’s Mauro Renallo with his view on the situation:

Mauro was Pride’s play-by-play announcer for several years and has a strong knowledge of how the company did business. He said there was a six-month period in Pride where fighters were offered bonuses if they lost via ref stoppage from strikes or a submission. The idea behind the bonus wasn’t to get fighters to take dives, but to entice them not to quit in order to make the fights more dramatic. The clause never served its intended purpose and that was it.

To counter this is KOTC promoter, Terry Trebilcock (haha cock) who got Jackson the gig and was in Japan with him:

“When Quinton got there, one of the guys that I sent directly there with him was with him when he was approached by [the two PRIDE executives] and offered an additional $2,000 to lose the fight by submission,” Trebilcock said. “To my understanding from both Quinton and my guy who I sent over there with him, that is what happened.”

Now we’ve got lots of people saying “Oh this is just a big misunderstanding”. Sure, there’s wiggle room here but you have to be an idiot to believe the official PRIDE line. “Entice the fighter not to quit?” Yeah right. Next on our “OMG Pride wuz Corrupt” story is further word from Terry Trebilcock (haha cock) that the PRIDE guys switched the weight requirement last minute, which is something they’re known to do often:

“There were a few things regarding that [fight] that were a little bit funky,” Trebilcock said. “We came to an agreement with PRIDE to go ahead and put him against Sakuraba – [the agreement] was for him to go over there and fight Sakuraba at 205 pounds. He got over there, they changed the weight class – I think it was [190] pounds they tried to get him to fight at – and force a 15-pound additional weight [cut] that he couldn’t make, then let him sit in the sauna. That was never in the contract originally.”

Rumor is they also tried to force Jackson to fight with one arm tied behind his back, but this was nixed because it was ‘too obvious, even for dumb PRIDE fans’.

  • Ryan says:

    Not to nitpick, but shouldn’t that be “PRIDE played dirty”?

  • Jonathan says:

    And Dana White kicked Matt Lindland out of the UFC because he was wearing the wrong kind of shirt…

    I still love Pride.

    Long live Pride!

  • intenso says:

    No Lindland got kicked out for being a fucking bore.

  • Yeah, the shirt was just the excuse. I’ll put up with a lot of shady stuff, but fight fixing isn’t one of them. People are trying to spin this as a bonus for losing valiantly, but I don’t buy it. They didn’t offer him a bonus if he put on an exciting fight, win or lose. They offered him a bonus to lose. A bonus to lose is an attempt at a fix.

  • Jonathan says:

    Fightlinker, I’ll go you one further and say that DSE DID rig fights. It is widely speculated and even confirmed my Japanese correspondents that the Takada/Coleman fight was rigged with a pre-determined outcome in favor of Takada.

    With that said, no one believes that Rampage/Silva II was rigged, and rightfully so.

    And I still say that the UFC has done as worse, if not worse, to its own fighters.