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PRIDE fighters are fucked

Man, I feel bad for all of the PRIDE guys who rely on fighting to make a living. Being stuck under contract to a company and not knowing when you’ll get a chance to make some more money must be nerve-wracking to say the least. Some of the guys are doing their best to keep busy: Little Nog and Jaochim Hansen are boxing in Europe, and Josh Barnett has gone back to pro wrestling.

It’s nice to see some of these guys staying active, but the reality of the situation is that the UFC has them by the balls. The lucky fighters are being transfered into the UFC and WEC. The less popular / less marketable fighters are stuck in limbo until the ‘New PRIDE’ starts (if it starts at all – word from Japan is that all DSE guys got pink slipped last week). And PRIDE’s roster of older / freakshow / oddity fighters are pretty much fucked.

A big question mark is what will happen to many of the unwanted PRIDE fighters if Zuffa chopshops PRIDE and dissolves the organization. Zuffa is not known for it’s bleeding heart approach to business, and it’s very likely that they will simply hold a fighter’s contract until it expires to keep them from fighting for anyone else. While it makes good business sense, it’s also pretty brutal on a personal level.

  • Ryan says:

    Yeah, but apparently the fighters under contract to DSE are suing for lost wages, training expenses, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if their contracts guaranteed a certain number of fights… would make sense, and if DSE doesn’t fulfill their end of the contract, well.. lawsuit.

    The depressing part is that there may not be a DSE to sue in not too short of a time…

  • Yup, there may be some pretty sneaky legalese going on with the Fertittas creating a new company rather than just taking over the old one. It’ll be interesting to see how it turns out.