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That press conference didn’t help

I know that Tito had to say something regarding the allegations that he beat on the mother of his children, but I don’t think he’s handled the situation in the smartest manner. Regardless of who’s telling the truth – if he shoved her into a bath tub over comments that hurt his ego, or Jenna is addicted to oxycontin – calling a press conference is like pouring gasoline on an already rabid media fire. It also hasn’t helped the situation with Jenna. Here’s a quote from her before Tito ‘outed’ her as a painkiller addict:

“He didn’t beat me,” Jameson said. “We had an argument, and it escalated, and things got out of control … the cops were called, and because there were visible marks on me, they took him to jail.”

Jameson said she filed a temporary restraining order against Ortiz but spoke to him today. She was open to Ortiz undergoing anger management and couples counseling.

“I know I did the right thing, and after watching what happened to Rihanna, I knew that I had to call the police.” Jameson said. “I’m just going to work on my relationship with him, and hope it works out.”

And now here she is post-accusation:

Two hours later and one hour after his press conference, she said of his claims against her, “talk about trying to save someone’s ass for being a wife beater.”

I’m still not about to weigh in on who I think is telling the truth or lying because hey, can we really know what’s going on within Tito’s cavernous head or in Jenna’s giant boobs … that’s where a lady’s thinkmeat is, right? But for what it’s worth as a final parting link on today’s edition of ‘As the Pornstar/Fighter Relationship Burns’, Tito’s former wife says he’d never hurt a woman.