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Prepare to be put in your place

Just in time for Brock Lesnar’s return at UFC 116, here’s a compelling argument for why the WWE is better than the UFC:

Frankly, watching UFC, sometimes at a cost, is the practice of supporting men fighting one another for money. It’s putting two human beings in a cage with the intent of causing physical harm to one another. Meanwhile, people are made to think beating up people for a living is something to admire. UFC fighters have dedicated, but they are often of low intelligence. Either to begin with or after constant blows to the head. UFC degrades human beings by making them fight for our amusement. They do it for the money or perhaps because they have aggressive personalities, but the average person has little reason to prefer watching human beings injure themselves to enjoying scripted athleticism in WWE.

More specifically, we are living in a violent culture where human talent is being wasted. Why watch real people try to hurt one another when you can read a book or watch WWE? It seems like someone who enjoys war films or horror movies should become a violent person according to the “real is better logic.” In reality, you can’t know if UFC is real. You could be a patient in a mental facility somewhere who has imagined an entire life. Or perhaps the UFC uses advanced technologies to create virtual realities. You can’t know with 100% certainty. Bias toward “reality” is all in one’s head. WWE is a far safer environment that provides an outlet for human aggression that is far less violent than UFC and far more entertaining.

This dude just blew my mind. Apparently we’re all in the MMAtrix. Well, ” target=”_blank”>it’s still real to me dammit!