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Preliminary research suggests that YAMMA might, in fact, suck

(Cry, Butterbean, cry! From Combatlifestyle’s extensive YAMMA galleries)

I really hate bashing something that I haven’t watched … I seem to have a pretty warped sense of humor so a lot of things that most people find terrible, I quite enjoy (such as Star Trek: Enterprise, 30 Seconds to Mars, and the smell of skunk … no not weed, but the actual animal). But I think I would be remiss in my oh so important duties as a mma pseudo-news blogger if I ignored the fact that EVERYONE said Friday’s YAMMA event sucked hairy nuts. I’m still going to watch the event and report back very soon. But I just wanted to get this out as a general warning before anyone decides to introduce their friends to the sport by having them watch this event.

For those of you who guessed that the raised lip would actually make it easier for fighters to take their opponents down, you get a cookie. Although as far as I know, no one really put two and two together and realized that the YAMMA plus the 5 minute fights would result in a night where all but one fight in the tournament would go to the judge’s scorecards. Honestly, it sounds pretty boring and I’d be tempted to skip it if it wasn’t for a bet I’ve made with a friend to see how long I can stand Scott Ferrall’s voice before flipping out and dropkicking my television … well, Jake’s television, technically.

The full review will come soon, but for now I’ll just pass on what everyone else said: it was a terrible boring event with crappy production and very little action. Unless you get off on watching two dudes lie on eachother (nothing wrong with that, mind you) or egg-shaped men getting punched in the face a thousand times, then you might want to skip this one. Or just read Jake Rossen’s play by play, which seems to capture the ‘carnival sideshow ritalin overdose’ feel of the event.

  • Atom says:

    Wow, the jackals were getting antsy waiting for this post, and then it turns out you haven’t even watched any of it.


  • After hearing Travis Wiuff’s introduction…

    “Travis… I want a room with a WIUFFFF!”
    -Scott Ferrall’s genius one liner…

    I think you’ll definitely dropkick the television.

  • garth says:

    yes, you definitely need to do a “2-girls-1-cup” style reaction camera for your first taste of that evil fucking ring announcer.
    i really want to kick him in his testicles right this second. i think i’m going to get hate-cancer unless i hurt something.

  • clint notestine says:

    I wanted to kill that Ferrall guy after about the 3rd time he announces a fighter. The worst was either the “Room wiht a Wiuff” or anything to do with George Bush. I’m glad I watched it just to see how much better even the IFL is compared to YAMMA plus I watched it for free.

  • mike o says:

    ok, ok, so the inclined ramp on the edge made takedowns easier, instead of harder like they intended.

    so… naturally next show, how about a DOWNWARD ramp at the edge instead of an upward ramp!

  • mike o says:

    also you are losing 10 percent of your grade for failing to do your homework this weekend

  • Joon4s says:

    This event didn’t just suck, it was so bad that it makes IFL look very good. Even pouring a bottle of tabasco into your eyes is more enjoyable.

  • Tertio says:

    I watched it live on the net. It was terrible. The arena was empty. I was reading bloodyelbows play by play at the same time and feeling his pain. I felt alone and dirty. Didn’t even bother to watch the last fight. Only thing that kept me watching was the Smith-Butterbean fight. The ring announcer wasn’t even the worst thing about the production. The actual commentators were fucking disgustingly terrible. That old dude from the first UFCs didn’t make me feel nostalgic at all. He just made me realised how old I was. The other guy that was commenting was even worst. He didn’t seem knowledgeable at all. The event was full of uncomfortable silences: What the fuck can you say when you don’t know shit about MMA and you have to describe two fat fuck laying on top of each other.
    Ricco rodrigez looked terrible. The smashing machine looked even worst.
    If you asked me to describe the event in one word id have to say : Depressing.

  • Lifer says:

    the only redeeming item about this event was oleg taktarov.

  • Captain says:

    The smell of skunks is one of the things I miss the most about living in San Diego.

  • garth says:

    we do get a lot of skunks. one waddled underneath my chair the other day as i was sitting outside. nothing gives less of a fuck about what you’re doing than a skunk.

  • Swedish guy says:



  • kentyman says:

    Oleg “Lock” Taktarov.

  • Lifer is right, if it wasn’t for Taktarov this thing would have been suicide-worthy.
    Although I do have a soft spot for Pat Smith and he looked pretty crisp out there. I think he has a few good fights left in him.

    I thought the ring announcer was using one of those throat-speaker things that cancer patients have…