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Pre-drunked reflections on Strikeforce: Henderson v Shields

Really, this made my night by itself.

* Our chat is awesome and you all should try to make it next time.
* Neither Mo nor Mousasi is, nor has ever been, top ten at 205 (and the Gegard as a top 10 p4p is Exhibit A in ‘Online MMA Media Overrating the Best Fighters Outside the UFC). That was a fight between two prospects with holes, but Mousasi’s awful takedown defense was more damning. What else can they do, other than a rematch?
* Shinya Aoki got tooled by an American LW that isn’t in the top five. Frankie BJ, Kenny, Gray, Griffin. I’d throw in Tibau and possibly Stevenson, Pellegrino or Sotiropolus, as well. Name your favorites in the comments.
* Shields is legit. I sincerely hope that he comes over to fight GSP at 170 while Anderson is preparing for Sonnen.
* That deafening silence you hear is from the people that thought the UFC was insane to let Dan Henderson go to another organization. You’d think they’d be admitting the error of their ways and congratulating Dana for clearly making a wise personnel decision. You’d be painfully wrong.
* Mayhem is a punk and he should be charged with assault if he clipped anyone in the ring. You take a fight against a can and then have the balls to start shit and ask for a rematch? Piss up a rope, Jason. That was chickenshit, and it makes it that much harder for the UFC to eventually score a favorable network deal.
* CBS (at least on my affiliate) followed up with an episode of the LL Cool J show that had a one-eyed MMA coach and a lot of bullshit. I hope I never see this organization on that network ever again (despite the awesome picture above).
* Naa naa naa naa naa-naa, Hendo and Aoki both lost.