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Power Rangers invade MMA … end of the world approaching

There’s been a lot of weird shit going on in MMA lately … giants not being allowed to fight, dudes with AIDS being allowed to fight, over the hill boxers versus felony fighters, and the list goes on and on. Well, those stories have nothing on this … perhaps the most important story in the history of MMA: The green power ranger, Jason David Frank, is fighting in the cage:

After years of restrictions from fighting because of contracts with Disney, Frank is now getting a chance to show his skills. But Frank said he’s doing this for more than the rush in a fight.

“It’s not just fighting, it’s the training and preparation before you fight – the training, the sparing,” he said.

Frank won his two previous bouts, but he said fighting is something he wants. It’s not necessary for him.

“I don’t need to fight for money like all these other guys,” he said. “I just do it because I like to.”

Now lets be clear on something: this isn’t just some fucking loser from the later Z-Force Genesis or Ultra Turbo Ninja Vibrator series. This dude is one of the originals, from the same class of Power Rangers that brought us naked pink power ranger, the dead yellow power ranger, and the underpaid black power ranger (no, I’m not kidding).