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Power Ranger wants in on the Strike Force

Strikeforce has officially become the go to promotion for every MMA fighter with some kind of D-list celebrity hook. Herschel Walker at least has a legit athletic background (including Olympic experience, even if it’s something gay like bobsled), but then you have WWE superstar Batista, WWE washout Bobby Lashley, baseball pariah Jose Canseco, ex-Couture #3 Kim Borrego (no more last name freeloading for you, miss), Spencer Pratt boyfriend Kevin Casey, and those are just the major ones we know about.

Now you can add another fighter who’s gunning for Strikeforce before he’s even turned pro: former Power Ranger and Jesus Didn’t Tap magnate Jason David Frank.

“I’d love to get a Strikeforce deal. I want a Strikeforce deal. I keep talking about it all the time,” said Frank. “I know my manager’s talked to them briefly. It’s just I want to build my record and do it the right way, and let me people know I can go more than one round.”

While fighting for Strikeforce is what Frank ultimately wants, he’s more than willing to earn his way there. The former television star admits that whether it takes six months or a year’s worth of fights, he’s more than happy to earn a spot on the Strikeforce roster and doesn’t need to be handed anything.

With four amateur fights all coming in the last seven months and his pro debut in August, Frank admits that if he was offered a Strikeforce deal right away, he’d like to take some time to train and ready himself for the next step in competition. He’s even open to a fight against former NFL pro Herschel Walker, but promises that he’s all about doing it the right way.

I guess there’s nothing wrong with talking about your hopes and dreams but you’d think doing things ‘the right way’ would involve winning a fight against solid competition before offering up your services against another Strikeforce novelty fighter. But if there’s someone to blame in all this, I’d point my finger at Strikeforce. They’re the ones who have lowered the bar for celebrity fighters to the point where just being somebody is enough to get your foot in their cage door.