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Pot smokers never win

This is freaking ridiculous. Yes, smoking marijuana is illegal. But is a positive marijuana test a legitimate basis for overturning a fight result? According to athletic commissions, yes it is. Nevada has been overturning the wins of fighters who pop for pot for a while now, most famously after Nick Diaz boxed Takanori Gomi up and gogo’d him. Now California has started doing the same.

Previously the commission could only declare a no contest where a fighter had tested positive for a performance-enhancing substance.

But under the recently enacted section 368 of the California Code of Regulations, the commission can now overturn a result where there is proof that a fighter has used any banned substance at all, such as a recreational drug.

Isaac DeJesus found that out first hand yesterday when he became the first fighter to have his win overturned to a ‘no decision’ under the new rules. He tested positive for marijuana after a fight with Russ Miura.

The fight took place on May 6th. DeJesus’ results became known shortly afterwards and when they were published, Miura’s management team Iridium Sports Agency appealed to CSAC for the decision to be overturned.

Isaac deJesus KO’d Miura in just under three minutes into the first round. I’m not exactly sure how marijuana gave him the magic abilities to do this, but because deJesus smoked weed leading up to the fight, the reality of what happened will no longer be reflected in their records. Meanwhile, steroid use remains rampant in the sport and no changes are being made to help catch the real cheaters. Awesome.

  • glassjawsh says:


  • JoeRoganIsAnnoying says:

    “I’m not exactly sure how marijuana gave him the magic abilities to do this, but because deJesus smoked weed leading up to the fight, the reality of what happened will no longer be reflected in their records.”

    Get’em FL!

  • DJ ThunderElbows says:

     I remember him gassing or something and dropping his hands, and Nick just roasted him for a while before the big shot that dropped him and Gomi jumped in for the gogo.

    While I understand the pain reduction aspect, I also think there’s some merit to being able to win a fight while baked that should not be overlooked.  However, I believe in the “sanctity” of the Gentleman’s Agreement and if it’s against the rules they agree to it should be considered a DQ or NC but not a win/loss change.

  • CAP says:

    It might be performance enhancing for a hot dog eating contest. But in a fight, not so much.

  • G Funk says:

    ^ Nice

  • Sodomize Intolerance says:

    I think there were two reasons for marijuana being taken seriously by a government institution:

    1. Pain reduction.  We all know about this argument and think it’s balls.  But no one would be complaining if this dude popped 5 oxycontin or injected morphine or some shit and couldn’t feel his own face, let alone the punches landing on it.  I understand the difference between the actual numbing abilities of those substances, but they had to draw the line somewhere.

    2. Legality.  Is anyone shocked that a government body–in a country where the government has deemed marijuana illegal–deems marijuana use in sporting events illegal?  I know people don’t give a shit about the legality of marijuana, but how are people still shocked when a legal institution using legally-enforceable rules follows the law?  I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here.

  • Redping says:

    Yeah the last thing I would want to do is fight when I’m stoned. Hell half of the time just WATCHING fighting while stoned is too stressful, let alone swinging my arms around. In all seriousness though, if he tested positive for a piss test of weed, that means he could’ve had 1 joint a whole month ago. I mean I know usually its a week or two before it’s out of your system but it can happen. It’s pretty hard to smoke ANY weed and expect to get away with it in your system considering how long it stays there. But that said, Nick Diaz should’ve been given a DOUBLE-WIN for not only pretty much knocking gomi out but also gogo’ing the shit of him in one of his best fights ever, overseas, BAKED! somebody get that man a medal

  • JoeRoganIsAnnoying says:

    How about a shinny new UFC Belt, like the 1 GSP is holding?

  • CAP says:

    What if he beats GSP then pops positive for greens. That would be funny!